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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HEARTs children: Symon

This is Symon.
He is the leader of the HEARTs children. His station is that of Ambassador. He is the only one that speaks to the HEART of the planet. He is the most powerful Ambassador that the HEARTs children have ever seen. No one can channel the HEARTs energy like he can. He has a great love for all of the people, but.....

He has a little dark secret.

The servants of the HEART (the ambassador and the two councilors) never marry. They are just supposed to love all of the HEARTs children equally. But Symon is in love with a woman that he can never be with. His first Councilor Jude. (You get to meet her in a future blog)
He is burdened with feelings of shame and guilt because he wants so badly to marry the woman he loves, but also wants to do his duty as the Ambassador of the HEARTs children.

How Symon was created:
When I first came up with the idea of Symon I didn't like him! He was going to be a minor character. He was just going to be some old friendly guy that has one scene in the beginning of the book. I was not happy with my villain so I toyed with the idea of Symon being my villain. Then my fabulous sister in law (who is one of my best buddies) gave me the idea of making him kind of like Snape from the Harry Potter books. I liked that so I started to make him a little mean but could not figure out how to transition him to the good guy.
As a character development exorcise i assign my characters a face. I look through the Internet (THANK YOU BING) for actors that i know, looking for just the right face. I had a hard time finding just the right one. When my daughter suggested that i look through the cast of Twilight (yes i like those books and movies) This is when i found this beautiful picture of Robert Pattinson. I started yelling to my daughter "I found him, I found Symon." In this pic Mr. Pattinson looks very beautiful but not overly sexy. He also looks a little sad and burdened. It was after i assigned this picture as the face of Symon that the character really took off. So when you read my book pay special attention to chapter 21. This is when you find out just how beautiful Symon is.

Symons play list:
I have always thought that you can really tell a lot about a person by the kind of music that they listen to. So as another character development exorcise I also assign each character songs. Songs that sound like their personality and the sort of situations that they find them selves in.
Here is Symons list.

In chains by Depeche Mode...because he feels trapped by his love for a woman that he can't have.
One caress By Depeche Mode...again this one is about his love and longing to be with Jude.
Only when i loose myself By Depeche Mode...This is a really good general song about him and his devotion to loving all of the HEARTs children, and also about his love for the one person who he feels he shares his soul...Jude!

Please Enjoy Symons video and keep a look out for my next blog about another one of HEARTs children.

I would also like to say a big thank you (although you don't know and probably don't care) To Mr. Robert Pattinson for the use of this picture that helped me develop a truly beautiful character. And to my Favorite band Depeche Mode who's music inspires me!

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  1. Wow, that was very good. You should write a book or something, seriously.