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Thursday, September 15, 2011

HEARTs children: Jude

This is Jude:
She is the First Councilor of the HEART. She governs her own community under the direction of the Ambassador. She is a bright and happy person, with compassion and love for all of her people. She at birth was chosen by the HEART for her station as First Councilor and had a tiny grain of the powerful HEART stone implanted in each wrist that she can use to help in her ability to channel. Although Jude cannot directly channel the HEARTs energy like Symon can, she is very powerful when she takes in large doses of the HEARTs energy by way of the HEART stone. She is beloved in her community, and is bonded in friend ship to Second Councilor Fredrik (You will meet him in my next blog) as well as Ambassador Symon. The three were raised together and taught from the time they were children that they would be servants of the HEART. The three were also raised with two other who they were also bonded in friendship with (you will meet them in a later blog). With her two of her bonded friends Jude happily lived a life of service to the HEART.


She and Symon share a kiss, and then Jude becomes obsessed with the idea that there has to be a way for the two of them to be married. She even follows Symon into the HEARTs temple and discovers the secret of the HEART, and plan forms.

Jude's plans for being with Symon completely takes over who Jude is. Will her plan bring Jude and her true love together or will it be the cause of the down fall of a thousand  year old culture?

How Jude was created:
Jude was easy for me to create. And I love how complex she is. This bright, happy, loving person turns dark and obsessive. When i was pondering on what she was about i really tried to get into her head. I had to identify with her. I asked myself, what would you do for the love of your life? And then there is the that way she carried herself. A light step even when she is at her darkest. Something else that came to me was how easy she is able to intimidate people when she gets carried away with her plan. I think its the fact that she looks so lovely and sweet that people are startled when she gets mean. This is why i picked this picture of Dakota Fanning. She looks lovely and sweet but don't cross her. MissFannings picture was not the first one that i looked at. I looked at several other lovely blonde's but none of them fit. I though of what a good job Miss Fanning did in the Twilight movies i thought that she might do as Jude and i was right. Having this picture of her is wonderful help in making her character real. Pay attention to chapter 12 as this shows her dark side very well.

Judes play list:
I am you by Depeche Mode: This one is the very best look into who Jude is and why she did what she did.
Your star by Evanescence: This is a very good look at how Jude feels about not being with Symon.
The darkest star by Depeche Mode: again a good song to the dark side that comes out when she becomes obsessed with Symon.

Jude's video:
I would like to put a big thank you out to Miss Dakota Fanning for her lovely picture. It added so much depths to Jude's Character. And to my muses Depeche mode and Evanescence.

Keep a look out tomorrow for Second Councilor Fredrik.

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  1. Amazing! Jude sounds really interesting and I am intrigued now. :) Love it!