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Sunday, September 18, 2011

HEARTs children: DraDevon

This is DraDevon:

He was born into the perfect little world of the HEART just like everyone else. He grew up knowing that he was going to marry DraDonna after they were both 18. He also grew up knowing that he would one day be a detail welder. He learns how to channel the powerful HEARTs energy down to his wrist and then using the grain of HEART stone in his wrist he can split the negative side from the positive. He can then channel the negative to his thumb and then channel the positive to his forefinger. Putting the energy charged thumb and forefinger together he can arc weld.

He also has a brother by the name of NulSam that he has a very close relationship with. He has also has a close relationship with his parents. He is pretty understanding of his wife's feeling about how the community treats her because his parents were bullied because of the prename the HEART gave them.

Although he tries to be understanding of his wife's feelings he does not want to do anything to upset the community. He likes being one of them, and he likes how he can serve them by doing his best work.

DraDevon loves a good laugh and finds his wife's antics funny and charming. He has never thought that there was anything wrong with her hair or her as a person. He loves her.


Their love will be tested when DraDonna shares with him the fact that she dreamed and that she has a new destiny. DraDonna begs him to come with her on this quest.

Will his love for her be stronger than he is need to be apart of the community?

How I created DraDevon:

He like DraDonna is one that I knew from the start who his was. I see this young man that is not too tall with brown hair and brown eyes. Not real tall but very fit. He seems to me to be also a bit of a funny guy but not quite the joker that Fredrik is. DraDevon also has a strong soul. Once he understands that something is the right thing to do, he stays on task no matter what. I love his loyalty and devotion to his wife. Don't put a finger on his wife or he will knock your lights out!
I knew right off the bat that the face for DraDevon is Drake Bell. I don't know where or what this photo shoot was about but the pic is perfect! I see so much of the wonderful man that DraDevon is, strong and happy. I also love this soft side he has. He confesses to DraDonna that he wishes more than anything that they could have a baby girl with her curly copper hair. I am pleased with how concerned he is with the welfare of his parents and his brother and his brothers wife toward the end of the book. Into the second book you will see how close he and his brother are.
Chapter 14 shows his skills as an arc welder. Chapter 15 shows what he is willing to do to protect his wife. Chapter 18 is all about the beautiful love that DraDevon and DraDonna share.

DraDevons play list:

You're still you by Josh Groban: this is obviously about his feelings for DraDonna

Enjoy the silence by Depeche Mode: I think that this one is about how he enjoys the simple things in life, like sitting next to his wife and sketching a picture of a mountain side, or just quietly sitting by a lake.

In her eyes by Josh Groban: this song is about him knowing how his wife feels about him.

Please enjoy DraDevons video:

I think that Josh Groban looks a little like DraDevon too.

A big thank you goes out to Mr. Drake Bell for having just the right look for a really great character and as always my two favorite muses Depeche Mode and Josh Groban.

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