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Friday, September 30, 2011

HEARTs children: The HEART

This is the HEART:
She is the HEART of the planet. She is worshiped as a God. She has been taking care of her children for more than a thousand year. She has found for the betterment of all that her children need to be told what to do in all things, it is for the best that she does this. She cares deeply for them and wants them to be happy, one of the things she does that helps her children to be happy is that she shares her energy with all of her children.

The energy has both a negative and a positive side but is emitted in its pure form with both sides joined, people can take in the energy by placing one or both hands on the HEART stone altar and store the energy inside, then they can channel it down to their wrist where they learn to split it different way to help with their work.
The HEARTs energy also heals the sick and the injured, it also removes dreams and controlls the minds of the people.
The Ambassador has a large chip of the HEART stone implanted in his/her head so there is no need for them to take in the energy by the HEART stone. The HEART can also communicate telepathically with the Ambassador by way of the HEART stone in his/her head.

This is all for the good of the people....
Or is it?

How I created the HEART:

This is a hard one for me because when the idea for the story came to me, she was already there. But here are somethings about her. I did not create her as the villain. Everything she does she truly believe that she does it for the good of the people.
She loves the people and thinks of them as her children.
It is considered blasphemous to say that which pumps the blood through you body is a 'heart', to say so is also science which is forbidden.
She does have a secret and the only one who ever knows is the Ambassador and that is it!
The HEART is all over the books, so read and enjoy.
Now you as my reader need to make me a promise. When you read HEARTs children and you discover what the secret is that the HEART has been hiding please do not tell anyone! I want everyone who reads this to discover the secret with the characters in the book.
Thank you.

The HEARTs play list:

Puppets by Depeche Mode, This one shows how much she controls the people.

A thousand years by Sting, This one shows just how long and how hard she has worked to care for her children.

Perfect by Depeche Mode, this one shows that she wants the perfect little world.

Please enjoy the HEARTs video:

A very big thank you goes out to the lovely and talented Kim Curtis for the use of the picture of the HEART look for it on the book cover.
and to my muses Depeche Mode and Sting, thanks guys you rock.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

HEARTs children: Sharyn

This is Sharyn:

She is a daughter of the HEART just like all the other women and girls. 13 years ago she was married to her perfect mate Idmund. They were given the Pre name of Vik. They were very happy together they had two beautiful children together. Her life was sweet!


Just one year ago a her husband is blamed for a tragic accident and her beloved husband is ripped away from her by a mind wipe. She always maintained that he was innocent. She went against tradition and refused to give up her pre name, she even insisted that her children use the pre name as well so they would never forget him.
She sorrows for the loss of Idmund, because when someone is mind wiped they are never seen again.


When the mind wiped begin to regain some of who they are and are set free will he remember their life together and come back to the family that loves him?

How I created Sharyn:

She is my newest character. When I decided to make Idmund something more, I knew that he would need a family. I had to think of what kind of woman she would be. I already had a woman who's husband had been mind wiped and never wanted to see him again, so i needed something different. She holds to the belief that he was innocent and holds hope that she might see him again.

I see her as being strong and determined. I think that at one time she cared about what the community thought but after Idmund was taken from her she doesn't care what they think anymore. She is going to do what she thinks as right.

Sharyn was the hardest face to find out of all my characters! It took me looking through 15 different actresses before i found the right one. They were too old or too young or all their shots were from a different show or they were being too sexy, or they looked too modern. What ever the reason none of them looked right, but i finally found her on the 15th try.

I face I finally found was Gigi Edgley. She just has this look on her face that says to me that she will stand by her man! She is perfect! I remember her most from the Scifi show FarScape. She was so good in that.
She like Idmund are only in book two and three so you will have to wait and see what great chapters she is in.

Sharyn's play list:

My Immortal by Evanescence, Even though Sharyn has hope and knows that he didn't do it, i think that she feels haunted by him.

When you say you love me By Josh Groban, I think this one is about how she hopes that he would come back to her and tell her that he loves her.

Come Back by Depeche Mode, I think this ones her determination to have him come back to her.

Please enjoy Sharyn's video:

 My thanks goes out to Miss Gigi Edgley for being luck # 15. Your lovely picture will give strength will to Sharyn. And as always my muses, Evanescene, Josh Groban, and Depech Mode. Thank you.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HEARTs children: Idmund

This is Idmund:

He is a man with no past.
He was mind wiped and has now been freed, He has regained full cognitive function but only knows his name because the was told that it is Idmund. But he has no memory of his past. He knows that he committed some big crime to receive the punishment of mind wipe but does not remember what it was he did. No will tell him. When all is forgiven the HEART and the rest of the people never speak of it again.


He does have a past and a family

will they want him back....

will he choose to be a good man?


was he ever a bad guy in the first place?

How I created Idmund:

I am really excited about him. He is one of my newest characters and i can tell you right now he is going on my favorites list right next to Symon and Fredrik!

In the second book, i felt there needed to be another hero, someone that no one would expect to be one. I felt like this guy needed to have a big internal struggle with who he is. Is he going to be a good guy or not. I also felt that it would be good if he was somewhat close to Jon, kind of close to the edge of being bad, but does what is right in the end because he chooses to.

Idmund is another one that i had a hard time finding a face for. I looked at a lot of actors and no one seemed right. I looked at Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, as well as Julian McMahon. All of these guys are really great actors as well as good looking but not one of them looked right for Idmund. When i look at a 'face' i have to feel a connection. I have to be able to see that person as my character as if they were playing the part. It was hard finding the right face for him.
I decided to dive back into the cast of Twilight (don't roll your eyes at me!) and see who i could find. Most of the male cast was too young and Billy Burk just didn't look right, so i thought that i would look into Peter Facinelli hoping for something very different than the vamp look. And i found it! This one is Idmund! I was so inspired by this picture of him that he went from a minor unassuming hero character in the second book to a chief character that will also be in the third book.
He being a late bloomer is not in the first book at all but keep an eye out for him in the second and third books!

Idmund's play list:

Remember when it rained by Josh Groban, He doesn't have any memory of who he is but he wants to.

Wrong by Depeche Mode, Reason with held for now (hehehehe)

Weight of the world by Evanescence, He is afraid that who he was, was bad and he doesn't want to be held down by that.

Enjoy Idmund's video:

A big thank you for Peter Facinelli who's picture has inspired a new favorite character. And as always my muses, Josh Groban, Depeche Mode, Evanescence: you guys inspire worlds with your music!

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HEARTs children: Jayelle

This is Jayelle:

She grew up knowing that she was going to be married to Jon. She had always hide the fact that he treated her badly. He kept her from ever making friends so she never had the chance to make a bonded friend, so she has never known that joy. She always wanted to, but Jon has always been so possessive and controlling that she could not do or say anything to anyone with out him getting mad at her.

Her family knew about the way Jon was but felt helpless to do anything. This union was put together by the HEART so they were afraid to say anything about it. They didn't like the fact that she was being abused but they just didn't know what to do.

Jayelle is a little like JorMelony in that she is gentle and kind, but lacks the scrappiness that JorMelony has. Jayelle has just been beat down too much.

She has always longed to free of Jon, and her freedom comes when Jon is mind wiped for nearly beating her to death for the second time (that the servants know of)

She is finally free to love another because Jon is gone...or is he?

How I created Jayelle:

Jayelle wasnt even going to be a character at all. It was just going to be Jon getting mind wiped at the beginning of book 1, but when i decided to make Jon the true villain of book 2 i knew he needed this personal interaction. Thus Jayelle was born. As this personal interaction grew so did this great idea for a subplot surrounding the two of them

Jayelles face was another had one for me *sigh* I again looked at Miranda Cosgrove. I love her she is a great little actress and very beautiful, but once again I just didn't feel like she had the right look for this character.

I am not sure how i found Emily Brownings picture but I was familiar with her as an actress so this helped me to see how the character moved and the sound of her voice. Most of the pictures of her were not right but as soon as I saw this one i was very happy. This is just the right look for Jayelle.

Jayelle like her (EX) husband are only briefly in the first chapter of book one but she is a chief character in book two.

Jayelle's play list:

In your room by Depeche Mode, this is song sounds to me like an abusive relationship, like the one Jayelle had with Jon.

Machine by Josh Groban, this one sounds like what she would say to him. He was such a machine with no feelings.

Weight of the world by Evanescence, This is more of when she is free of him.

Please enjoy Jayelles video:

A big than you goes to Emily Browning for looking like Jayelle, and for my three favorite muses who's music inspires my writing. Much love and respect!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

HEARTs children: Jon

This is Jon:

Like all the other HEARTs children he was born to the HEARTs perfect little world. Only he was not so perfect. He has a natural tendency toward violence. His family completely turned a blind eye. They didn't even try to control him. For the most part he grew up a bully but he bullied quietly, so no one noticed it. He like everyone else was matched up with his perfect mate. Jayelle, but he was mean and possessive of her from a very early age.

When they were married they both received the pre name of HAR and went to work as teachers in the second councilors community. Jon taught older kids who were going to work in construction about how to channel for arc welding and sanding, as well as other ways to use the energy in such work.

(Har) Jon doesn't like using the energy too much because he feels like he is being controlled, and he doesn't like to be controlled.

One day he has a really bad day working and comes home and takes it out on Jayelle. He beat her so badly that she spent 3 days at a PHY office recovering. Second Councilor Fredrik finds out about this and is uncharacteristically angry. (Har) Jon is punished by having his energy rights fully taken from him.

As a result of this he beats Jayelle a second time. The second time he does it he has his pre name (Har) stripped from him and gets mind wiped. This broke the bond of marriage between him and Jayelle.


Will he someday regain his memory and come looking for Jayelle?

How I created Jon:

Jon wasnt even a minor character when I first wrote him in to HEARTs children. He was just some guy getting mind wiped in chapter one. No personality no back ground. But as I was plotting book 2
I knew I needed a true villain. I thought I could use him, and this great sub plot formed. I did a little bit of tweeking to the beginning of book 1 before I sent it off to the publisher.

I really don't like this guy! I am not a violent person but I could not wait to kill him off! He is just a bad seed. No redemption no I am sorry and I will be better next time.
He almost has no conscience, every bad thing he does he feels he is justified in doing.

When I was working on developing the really bad guy I had a really hard time looking for a face. Every actor I looked at looked too nice or too sexy and that was just not the look I need to inspire this villain. I needed him to be good looking but not sexy. I do not want any of my readers falling in love or sympathizing with him. I want people to think...HE'S GOT TO GO! It was my son this time who suggested that i look at Jake Able from the Lightning thief. I had to scan down the page (thanks again BING) and I found just the right look. He looks handsome but dark and scary in this picture. This is when Jon's character really took off.
In book one you will only see him in chapter one but in book 2 he is one of the chief villains.

(Har) Jon's play list:

The dead of night by Depeche Mode, this one to me sounds like a song of really bad guys. So it fits Jon perfectly.

Snow white queen by Evanescence, This one sounds like an abusive relation ship with the guy totally being obsessed with the woman. So this is how Jon is with Jayelle.

Damaged People by Depeche Mode, Well you would have to be damaged in a big way to be such a bad guy.

Please enjoy Jon's video:

A big thank you goes to Jake Able for just the right evil look even though I am sure in real life that you are not a villain. And for my muses, Depeche Mode and Evanescence thank you for inspiring me to write!

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Tuesdays Tale: Full Dark

 *pic not my book cover*
             Natalie stood on the balcony of her privet chamber looking out at the night sky. It was lovely and yet so surreal. The stars were brighter and the patterns in the sky were nothing like she had seen on Earth. She would catch herself looking for Orin’s belt or the big dipper.
            “Natalinthi’a come away from the balcony.” Jayt’a called to her. “It is almost full dark. It is bad for your magic to be out in the full dark before the moons rise.”
            “You know where I grew up they called it midnight and there was only one moon.” She told him without turning to look at him.
            With a quick smooth motion Jayt’a moved quickly across her chambers leaving the honor guards at the mirrored portal that was the entrance to her room.
            Wrapping his strong dark arms around her shoulders he whispered in her ear, “Come back in with me my lovely bird.”
            “Can they hear us?” Natalie asked Jayt’a
            “No they are trained to see not to hear. You and I can speak freely.” Jayt’a answered her.
            “Good, then I need you to do me a favor.” Natalie asked him.
            “Anything for you.” He replied quickly.
            “When we are alone or when no one can hear us would you please call me Natalie?” She asked him.
            “Nat-ah-lee” Jayt’a said trying to say the name that was odd to him. “Why would I call you this?”
            “On earth people who were close would call each other by special names that showed affection.” She explained.
            “What would you call me?” he asked her.
            Her betrothed may not have the magic in his voice but the very sound of the low and smooth tones when he spoke to her made her heart skip a beat.
            “Jay.” She breathed out. “I would like to call you Jay.” Natalie told him as she turned to face the man that was to be her husband.
            “How does your magic work?” She asked him.
            “It is in my hands where yours is in your voice.” He answered simply. “I can enchant things with hands.”
            “Show me.” She told him her eyes wide with fascination.
            “My enchantments only hold if I attach it to glass, but I can show you something, but it will not last.” He told her.
            “Show me.” She said again.
            He reached up his hand and gently stroked her face. “Only for you Nat-ah-lee, if you promise that you will sing something that is only for me.” He whispered.
“I promise.” Natalie said breathless with anticipation.
 He then put his hands on his chest and closed his eyes. He was reaching for the magic that rests in his heart. Natalie knew that look on his face. She is sure that this is how she looked when she reached for the magic that she pulls into her voice when she sings.
            He opened his beautiful dark chocolate eyes and gave her that mischievous smile that she has grown to love. He moved his hands up to his head and ran his fingers through his short dark curly hair. As he did this his hair began to glow, enchanted by his magic touch.
Natalie had already thought that he was a beautiful man but this enhanced his beauty. It was as if he wore a crown of magic.
            “You’re so beautiful.” She gasped with delight.
            “Shhhh, wait” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. He reached forward and tenderly ran his fingers through her silken brown tresses, and her own hair began to glow with magic.
            “Now who is beautiful?” He asked as he leaned forward and gently caressed her lips with his own.
            Natalie leaned forward wrapping her arms around Jay and kissed him back with enthusiasm.
She had feared being betrothal to a man she didn’t know, but she no longer feared marrying him. She finally knew that he loved her and that she was falling in love with him, as the first moon began to rise behind them.
*Come and be enchanted with the other authors tuesdays tales*

Sunday, September 25, 2011

HEARTs children: NulJena

This is NulJena:

She was married to NulSam when they were both 18. They both work together in general home maintenance and repair. Kind of the handy man/woman of this world.

Everyone wanted her to stop working when she conceived because of all the still born babies and miss carriages that had been happening in the last 10 years. She had been told by her local PNL to stop working and not push your luck. She kept working anyway up until about her 6th month. She would not be kept still.

She is a kind person but is very head strong and stubborn. When she has set her mind to do something she just does. No matter what anyone else around her say. Not even NulSam who she adores.

There is a legend in her family that tells of a girl child born in to this line that will save the HEART.


Is the baby girl that she carries the child that is spoken of or is it NulJena herself?

How I created NulJena:

She like her husband was late to the party but fashionably so! She is an essential character in the second book.
When she first came in to the story she was just the pregnant wife of NulSam. No character development. Then i got this great idea for an element in the second book and BAHM! I could see clearly this character of NulJena.
I think that she is the kind of person that doesn't like to be told what to do or be bossed around. I think that she is a kind person and also brave. She is like DraDonna in some ways. She sees that something needs to be done so she doesn't let anything slow her down. She gets the job done, and by gum if she told you to do something you got it done!

At first when I though of NulJena I thought of Miranda Cosgrove, although she is lovely but she looks too much like Josh Peck to be his wife. After all she did play his sister in that Nick tv show 'Drake and Josh'. So I then looked in to Jenett Mccurdy. That was NulJena! That face is perfect! She has the right kind of smile that says I am a good person but you cant boss me around.
Like her husband the first time that you see her is in chapter 30 but she is asleep. There is a really great piece with her in the epilogue. But also look for her in the second book to be a bigger character.

NulJena's play list:

Fragile tension by Depeche Mode, It is more the feeling of the song than the words for this one. An energy that I fell NulJena has.

Weight of the world by Evanescence, I think inside that is how she feels when it comes to her family legend. It is a great weight on her. Something to live up to.

Little Soul by Depeche Mode, This one is also her song because she may have come into the story late but is very important.

Please enjoy NulJena's video:

A big thanks goes out to Jenett Mccurdy for having just the right look.
As always for my muses Depeche Mode and Evanescence, many thanks!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

HEARTs children:NulSam

This is NulSam:

He is the oldest son of BriMarie and BriHenry.
His parents work to serve their community by working as glaziers, making the windows and other glass products.
He grew up a fairly happy boy. His parents were treated a little bit on the poor side because of the name that they were given at marriage. The people did not like the sound but no one would dare question the HEART. If any of this unkindness filtered down to him he didn't really know, or care. He is a happy person. He is much like his younger brother a little bit of a funny guy. He likes a good laugh, but knows when it is time to get serious. He and DraDevon appear to fight but really it is just playful banter.

The happiest day of his life was when he was married to his beautiful wife NulJena. The two of them work hard together in general home maintenance and repair. The both of them know how to use  the two handed weld, as well as energy sanding ect...

They work hard to serve their community...


When they find out that they are with child will it end badly just like all the others?


Will his brother DraDevon and DraDonna succeed on their quest in time to save NulSam and NulJena's baby?

How I created NulSam:

NulSam joined the HEARTs children kind of late in the game. I saw that I had DraDonna's family pretty active in the story. I felt that i needed to have DraDevons family there too. Although BriMarie and BriHenry are not active characters but i felt that they need to be spoken of. Then i felt like i need a family member who would be an active character. This is where NulSam was born. In the first book you don't see him until the end but he and NulJena are chief characters in the second book.

I think that NulSam is alot like DraDevon in that he kids around alot, but under all that he is a deeply emotional person that is very sensitive to others feelings. I know that it is unrealistic (but this is scifi what do you expect) to have a character that is all good, but i really feel that NulSam is. He is a loving and loyal person. I really love his character! NulSam you rock dude!

When i needed a face for him i had a hard time again. I knew what i wanted him to look like. He had to look a little but like DraDevons face because after all they are brothers. My daughter suggested i look at pictures of Josh Peck because he once played Drake Bells (DraDevon) brother in a show called Drake and Josh. I at first didn't think that Josh Peck would do. I couldn't get the image of the little kid out of my head and NulSam is supposed to be the older brother here. My daughter said "but mom Josh Peck grew up" And grew up he did! The picture of Josh Peck i picked is amazing! Not only did he grow up but he grew up REALLY good looking. And the look and feel of the picture is perfect for how i have written NulSam. He looks like a mature adult. I think this picture shows the deep side of NulSam, but he also looks like he could brake out laughing any time.

The chapter that you fist see NulSam in is chapter 30. Just because his entrance is late don't think that he is not important to the story!

NulSam's play list:

Canto alla vita by Josh Groban, this is for how deeply he feels everything

Piano sonata #14 (moonlight sonata) Beethoven, this is a very deeply emotional piece of music, i think that this one shows how deeply feeling he is.

Little soul by Depeche Mode, this one is the importance of NulSam to the story

Please enjoy NulSam's video:

My thanks goes out to Mr Josh Peck for growing up really cute!
And for my muses Depeche Mode, Beethoven, and Josh Groban, thank you for sharing your talents with me.

Tomorrows blog: NulJena

Friday, September 23, 2011

HEARTs children: Tatiana

This is Tatiana:

This lovely woman was born into the perfect world of the HEART. Tatiana was raised by two loving parents and has one older brother. She was picked at birth to be the Ambassador to the HEART. This is a position that can be held by either a man or a woman, this is also the case with the councilors. One of reasons that the servants of the HEART are selected is for their ability to love and how powerful the HEART believes the servant will be when it comes to channeling her energy. The second reason the servants are chosen are to keep the male to female ratio at a perfect balance, thus the HEART keeping the selective breeding running smoothly.

She became the ambassador at the tender age of 20 when the current ambassador Lyda died. In a secret process a large powerful piece of the HEART stone was removed from Lyda's head and then placed in Tatiana's head. This enables her to directly communicate with the HEART. As well as directly channel the HEARTs energy.

*the ambassador is the only one on the world who knows the HEARTs secret and is bound in a powerful oath to keep it*

Tatiana has a great capacity to love all of the HEARTs children equally. She and her two councilors, Trish and Nathan are deeply bonded in friendship. The three of them happily serve the HEART for many years.

The day after she becomes ambassador a very special baby girl is born and this baby has curly copper hair. No one had seen hair like that in more than 500 years. Tatiana knows that is little one is special and makes up her mind to defend her to her dying day. Which she does and more. Tatiana befriends her little Donna and does her best to protect her from the taunts of a community that thrives on normalcy and perfection.


Will how long will Tatiana be able to guide and protect her little Donna?

How I created Tatiana:

When the idea of Tatiana came to me I knew everything about this lovely woman. What she looked like and what she sounded like. How she loved people, what her hopes and dreams were. I feel that she is also a very strong person. She can love and protect (Dra) Little Donna, from taunting and bulling and at the same time she can still love those people. I think it takes a strong person to be able to do that. Soft hearts (oops forbidden word!) are strong!

When I assigned Tatiana a face I knew with out even looking who would inspire me. Claudia Black! I had seen her in several SciFi shows and am very familiar with how she moved and spoke so this gave me a very good 3-d picture of Tatiana.

I really love this shot of her, the black and white enhances her ethereal beauty.

The prologue is all about her so look closely. and chapter 36 Tatiana tells DraDonna just how much she loves her.

Tatiana's play list:

February song by Josh Groban, this shows the loving friendship between her and DraDonna

Freelove by Depeche Mode, this is how Tatiana loves the people in her world...freely.

Book of days by Enya, I almost feel like this story is like Tatiana's Book of days.

Please enjoy Tatiana's video:

My love, thanks and respect goes out to the lovely Ms Claudia Black who inspired such an important character. And for my beloved muses Josh Groban, Depeche Mode, and Enya. I could not do this with out you.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

HEARTs children:JorRobert

This is JorRobert:

He was raised in the ambassadors community. His parents as well as his older married sister all live with in the ambassadors community. His parents and his sister are all typical people in this community, they blend in. They like to blend in. They know of their sons violent tendencies because of the way that he always treated his older sister. They tried pretty successfully to hide this from the rest of the community but at the same time they would turn a blind eye. They had him take extra energy, more than normal. A normal person would take in energy 3-5 times a day. JorRoberts parents had him taking it 10-12 times a day in order to suppress his natural violence and mental imbalance.

Although JorRobert seems to be kind of an odd match with JorMelony, they are pretty good together. They do bicker quiet a bit, but JorMelony has a good influence over him. A very important thing is that he never hit his wife!

He was assigned at birth to be a musician. He is the lead percussionist for the communities band. The lead percussionist conducts the band with his strong beats that he plays on the percussion stones, by channeling strong burst of both sides of the energy (+ and-) in just the right sequence. The band plays for the gatherings in the courtyard at the center of the three communities. The music as well has a gentling influence on his mental state...


When Jude recruits him, will her manipulations tip him over the edge of mad violence...


Will he be able to hold onto all that is good inside of him.

How I created JorRobert:

JorRobert was one of those characters that I knew from the beginning that he was going to be a villain. I was going to have JorMelony work with him, but he stands alone for most of his villainy with the exception of Jude. I felt that he needed to have somewhat of a struggle in the beginning. Good vs. Bad.

The only problem I did have with him was finding a face. The face that i used had to be a fairly young one. He had to be a big beefy kind of a guy. This wasn't easy. I didn't want the sex symbol pics, i needed the  pic of a guy who looks like he can turn dark and dangerous at any moment. One big problem i had was that most of the faces that knew that would fit the beefy bill were too old. Again this is where my brilliant daughter came in. She told me to look at Taylor Lautner, I actually was really apposed to this. All i could think of was him as Jacob. I did not want a Jacob picture. But i looked anyway, and found this one picture of him that was just right. He looks to me to struggle with keeping control of that darkness, he wants the light but doesn't know if he can hold the darkness back.
Chapter 19 is a good one to see whether or not he really loves his wife. And Chapter 32 is a good one to see his true nature.

JorRoberts play list:

The mercy in you by Depech Mode, this is JorRoberts song for his wife.

Lithium by Evanescence, This is his struggle with mental illness.

Weeping by Josh Groban, This is more for his parent trying to keep the dark side of him hidden.

Please enjoy JorRoberts video:

Thank you goes out to Mr. Taylor Lautner for having just the right beefy look, and for my three beloved muses (well 6 if you count all of the DM boys) Depeche Mode, Josh Groban, and Evanescence.

Tomorrows blog: Tatiana

HEARTs children: JorMelony

This is JorMelony:

She is DraDonna's older sister. The daughter of NayLara and NayMichael. She is a gentle and kind soul, but don't make her mad. She can get scrappy! You should avoid saying anything negative about her baby sister. She will defend DraDonna to her dying breath.

She is a small person. Although she is the older sister DraDonna eventually grew taller.
For the most part she was not picked on as badly as DraDonna, but there were some people who were mean to her only because she was DraDonna's sister. Her hair has the same curl to it that DraDonna's does but is more of a blonde with maybe just the slightest hint of strawberry to it. Some of the more mean people would say that she had the HEARTs curse in her hair just like her sister. For the most part when she would hear this she would only hear the insult to her sister and not to herself.

JorMelony is trained to be a musician. She channels the energy to her right hand and she uses it to enhance the music that she produces when she plays her little 'tallice'. It is a small instrument with hallow box shaped body that has a hole front and back. The tallice has a short neck at the top with metal strings  that start at the top of the neck going down the body across the hole in the middle, down the bottom and back up the other side then joined at the top. She plays this by strumming or plucking the strings on either side depending on the piece of music that she is playing.

She was also matched at birth with the one that the HEART determined to be her best match. Their DNA would produce strong children, but sadly she suffers a still birth, and know one can understand why. After this her health has made her not as sturdy as she once was. The second reason JorMelony and JorRobert were chosen for each other was because they were both determined to be musicians which would make for a peaceful marriage...

or would it....

With all the upset that her sisters quest causes the community would it destroy JorMelony's marriage?

How I created JorMelony:

I knew right off that JorMelony was going to be a chief character, but what I struggled with was JorMelony going to be a villain or a good guy? I also struggled with the name a little. She started off as JorMelody before I knew she was going to be a musician. Once i decided that she was a musician I thought it was too cheesy to have a musician named 'Melody'. So i picked the name of one of my kids teachers that i had become good friends with 'Melony'.

The villain part was really hard. I really had it all worked out that she was going to work with one of the villains because she and her parents were ashamed of DraDonna, but like i said i felt like DraDonna needed more than DraDevon in her corner. So i started to soften her character and made her sweet but scrappy. This is when i started looking for her face. I found this really great picture of Emma Watson, it is most defanatly NOT a picture of her as Hermione. She has the curly blondish hair that i was looking for and the look on her face is just so sweet. This picture really helped to bring JorMelony to life in my head as i wrote her. I could hear her voice as she talked to her sister, i could see her hug her husband. It is fantastic what the right picture can do for my imagination. As always this is just what i see. I encourage all my readers to  let the magic my story telling create their own image of her as they read this and later the full book.
Check out chapter 3, this shows how quick she is to defend her sister. And chapter 19 shows a little bit of her scrapiness when someone she loves is threatened.

JorMelony's play list:

Precious by Depeche Mode: This is how i see her a precious soul who people hurt with out even thinking about it.

Pilgrim by Enya: this to me also speaks of a peaceful person who gets tossed into a journey that they may not have chosen.

Peace by Depeche Mode: I think that this is what JorMelony wants more than anything.

Please enjoy JorMelony's video:

*There is a second reason that i picked this video that you will understand once you read the book!

A big thank you goes out to Emma Watson for having just the right look on her face so I could make a truly sweet character. As always my love and thanks for my muses Depeche Mode and Enya.

Tomorrows blog: JorRobert

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HEARTs children:TynTimothy

This is TynTomus:

He grew up with an older sister so even though he looks rugged he is really used to strong woman. He is very dedicated to his wife and to their 3 other bonded friends. He is very intelligent and strong...
Will his strength and intelligence be enough to figure out that Jude has become twisted before someone gets hurt?

How I created TynTomus:

He is in fact a minor character but a lot of important things happen around him and he is married to a chief character which is why he gets a blog.
I did do some character development on him. He like TynLexa started as a villain, but i changed him like his wife to a good person who was being used. But i knew that the way the story was going that he was not going any further into the story. I can't say anything more than this or i will give away key points in the book that i want you to discover on your own as you read my book. But i want you to come back to me after you have read it and say, "Oh i understand now!"
I chose Chris Hemsworth for TynTomus's face because he is a big rugged looking guy. And just says to me that he can handle a strong woman like TynLexa.

TynTomus's play list:

I did give him two songs but i am only going to tell you about one the other would give something away.

In sympathy by Depeche Mode. He his song about what Jude has done to them.

Please enjoy TynTomus's video:

A big thank you goes to Mr Hemsworth for your rugged good looks. and to my muse Depeche Mode name of other muse with held.

Tomorrows blog: JorMelony

HEARTs children: TynLexa

This is TynLexa:

Like everyone on this world she was raised with TynTimothy who the HEART had chosen to be her husband when she was just a baby. She and her husband were raised with Symon, Jude and Fredrik. The five of them are bonded in friendship. She is very loyal to her bonded friends so when Jude came to her and asked for help she and her husband didn't even hesitate. They trust in her completely and do everything that she asks
Jude's obsession gets out of hand.
 TynLexa is heart (oops forbidden word) broken when she finds out the depth of Jude's betrayal and lies.
Can she ever trust anyone enough to ever have friends again or will she spend the rest of her days alone and bitter?

How I created TynLexa:

She is another one of those characters that started out as a minor one. Then she progressed to a villain. I didn't really like her as a true villain. I though, what if she is really a good person but only being used by Jude, controlled by her somehow. This is where I grew to really like TynLexa. She (almost like Symon) starts out seeming like the bad guy, but it turns out that she is not.

The picture that I found for her was Nikki Reed. (don't roll your eyes!) Now this is a photo shoot for twilight but the thing is, the feeling that she is putting out is nothing like I saw in Twilight. Her character there was kind of a like a little princess vampire. In this picture she looks tough. She has the look on her face like she is either going to kick your behind or kick someones behind for you. This too me is very much like TynLexa and not like Rosalie Hale.

One really good chapter for her is 11. This is where you first see her. And chapter 30 shows how deeply hurt she is by what Jude has done. chapter 31 you find if she is able to forgive.

TynLexa's play list:

Every body's fool by Evanescence: I think that Amy Lee is talking about being a depressed star when she sings this song but I hear how TynLexa was betrayed by her best friend.

Suffer well by Depeche Mode: This is about all she has to go through in this story.

Febrary song by Josh Groban: This one is for what she goes through at the end of the book.

Please enjoy TynLexa's video:

A big thank you goes to Nikki Reed for looking more like TynLexa than Rosalie Hale and to three muses, Evanescence, Depeche Mode, and Josh Groban.

Tomorrows blog: TynTimothy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

HEARTs children: DraDevon

This is DraDevon:

He was born into the perfect little world of the HEART just like everyone else. He grew up knowing that he was going to marry DraDonna after they were both 18. He also grew up knowing that he would one day be a detail welder. He learns how to channel the powerful HEARTs energy down to his wrist and then using the grain of HEART stone in his wrist he can split the negative side from the positive. He can then channel the negative to his thumb and then channel the positive to his forefinger. Putting the energy charged thumb and forefinger together he can arc weld.

He also has a brother by the name of NulSam that he has a very close relationship with. He has also has a close relationship with his parents. He is pretty understanding of his wife's feeling about how the community treats her because his parents were bullied because of the prename the HEART gave them.

Although he tries to be understanding of his wife's feelings he does not want to do anything to upset the community. He likes being one of them, and he likes how he can serve them by doing his best work.

DraDevon loves a good laugh and finds his wife's antics funny and charming. He has never thought that there was anything wrong with her hair or her as a person. He loves her.


Their love will be tested when DraDonna shares with him the fact that she dreamed and that she has a new destiny. DraDonna begs him to come with her on this quest.

Will his love for her be stronger than he is need to be apart of the community?

How I created DraDevon:

He like DraDonna is one that I knew from the start who his was. I see this young man that is not too tall with brown hair and brown eyes. Not real tall but very fit. He seems to me to be also a bit of a funny guy but not quite the joker that Fredrik is. DraDevon also has a strong soul. Once he understands that something is the right thing to do, he stays on task no matter what. I love his loyalty and devotion to his wife. Don't put a finger on his wife or he will knock your lights out!
I knew right off the bat that the face for DraDevon is Drake Bell. I don't know where or what this photo shoot was about but the pic is perfect! I see so much of the wonderful man that DraDevon is, strong and happy. I also love this soft side he has. He confesses to DraDonna that he wishes more than anything that they could have a baby girl with her curly copper hair. I am pleased with how concerned he is with the welfare of his parents and his brother and his brothers wife toward the end of the book. Into the second book you will see how close he and his brother are.
Chapter 14 shows his skills as an arc welder. Chapter 15 shows what he is willing to do to protect his wife. Chapter 18 is all about the beautiful love that DraDevon and DraDonna share.

DraDevons play list:

You're still you by Josh Groban: this is obviously about his feelings for DraDonna

Enjoy the silence by Depeche Mode: I think that this one is about how he enjoys the simple things in life, like sitting next to his wife and sketching a picture of a mountain side, or just quietly sitting by a lake.

In her eyes by Josh Groban: this song is about him knowing how his wife feels about him.

Please enjoy DraDevons video:

I think that Josh Groban looks a little like DraDevon too.

A big thank you goes out to Mr. Drake Bell for having just the right look for a really great character and as always my two favorite muses Depeche Mode and Josh Groban.

Tomorrows character blog: TynLexa

Saturday, September 17, 2011

HEARTs children: DraDonna

This is DraDonna:

She was born into the HEARTs perfect little world and everything seemed to be normal, and she was named Donna. The day she was born she was matched up with her perfect mate Devon. They would marry at the age of 18 and be given the pre name of DRA. The job she was matched up with is that of a fine carpenter and had the tiny grain of the HEART stone implanted in her right wrist, that she would be later taught to use in her job.
This baby girl had one problem. She was born with copper colored hair. No one in their world had been born with this color hair in over 500 years! She was taunted and bullied all her life. She never thought that she was good enough and always struggled with her self-esteem. Only of the promise of the love she might have with Devon kept her hanging on. 
Once they were married at the age of 18 the two of them love each other so much and are utterly devoted to each other.
She is a dedicated child of the HEART in spite of the fact that she is treated badly by the people in her community. She strives to fit in with everyone if not for her sake the for the sake of her beloved husband.
One night she worked too hard and used up all of her energy trying to please a person in the community that would never like her. She stumbles home exhausted and falls asleep.
She dreams! 
The HEART does not allow dreams!
A special friend who had passed away had a message for her.
DraDonna's life will never be the same. 
How I created DraDonna:
This one is the first character that I saw when inspiration hit me in the head with this story. I had a very clear picture in my mind of a young woman with bright coppery red hair. I knew immediately when I saw this picture of Bonnie Wright that this was the face of DraDonna. A side from the fact that she has the right kind of hair i just don't know why i picked her for DraDonna's face. I just felt like it was her.
I really love her character. She has this venerability and self doubt that she struggles with but at the same time she has strength of spirit. She just does what needs to be done no matter how hard it is. You will see that if the people will give her a chance and get over their prejudice that she makes a good and devoted friend.
Something else i thought of when i was developing her was what to do about her family. Are they ashamed of her or do they support her. I tried to write that she were ashamed of her and it just didn't work. It wasn't right. So i gave her a good and loving family. A mother, a father and an older sister who do love and defend her. You will get to meet them in future blogs.
Pay special attention to chapter 22 to see just how hard she is willing to work,
and see how her destiny as one of HEARTs children unfolds in chapter 26.
DraDonna's play list:

Good Enough by Evanescence, this is how she feels after she is married to DraDevon. He helps her to feel like she is good enough.
Bring me to life by Evanescence, This one is also about how DraDevons love for her makes her fell like she is alive.
Frozen by Madonna, this one is really about how the people in her community need to open their hearts (oops forbidden word again) to her.
Please enjoy DraDonna's video:

A big thank you goes out to Miss Bonnie Wright for the face of DraDonna and to my muses with this character, Amy Lee and Madonna.

Tomorrow's blog: DraDevon

Friday, September 16, 2011

HEARTs children: Fredrik

This is Fredrik:
He is also a servant of the HEART. Fredrik is the Second Councilor to Ambassador Symon, as well as Symon's best friend. He is also bonded in friendship with First Councilor Jude. He looks on her as a little sister. The people in his community adore him! Who wouldn't? Just look at that smile! He is the kind of person that does not have a bad word for anyone but a smile for everyone. You should also check the pocket of his robs for a squirt gun filled with mustard ( i don't think that they have squirt guns or mustard in this world but check any way!). He is a sweet funny guy that is 100% dedicated to his calling as a servant of the HEART.


When tragedy strikes his beautiful peaceful mind may be shattered.

How Fredrik was created:

"What? Isn't that the guy from iCarly?" I heard this from a facebook friend. And another one said she didn't like that I was giving my characters such famous faces. She has a valid point! Before i was a writer i was (and still am) an avid reader. So i understand the readers need to come up with their own image of a character in a story. But i have some good reasons for doing it like this.
First off, this blog is a look into my mind as i write this fantastic story. This is who I see.
Second as I have said before it is a common writing exercise to assign a face to the characters that you write, now why do i use famous ones and not just some random model? For me i need more than just a face. Having just a face is too one dimensional for me. I want my characters to be third fourth dimensional...I want you to cry when they do and feel their happiness when they laugh.
For this i need more than just a face.
First i come up with the idea of who they are and what they look like then i look for the person. An actor that i know well so i know not just what they look like but what they sound like and how they move. The pitches and tones of their laughter. Do they walk with a long stride or a light step. How do they hug someone? This helps me to get a very clear idea in my mind of my character, to the point that i can hear their voice. Now if you look closely you will see that i try to stay away from the picture of these actors in character from something else. This picture of Jerry Trainer is not a picture of him as Spencer Shay. I would not have picked a picture like that because Fredrik is not Spencer! This picture of him is from some random photo shoot. This is what i look for. Or maybe a paparazzi picture those are great. When i see this  picture of Mr. Trainer i see Fredrik and the kind of smile that he would have for anyone of his people.

Fredrik again was one of those minor characters that you would only see in one or two scenes in the very beginning of the book. At first i was just going to have him be this stiff guy, but that didn't feel right. I needed a good hearted (oops that is a forbidden word in this world) funny person. He grew from there to a chief character in the later half of the first book as well as the protagonist in the second. Next to Symon he is my favorite character. I cried when i saw him in pain.
In chapter 27 you will see his devotion to his calling as a servant of the HEART and in chapters 29&32 you will feel his pain.

Fredrik's play list:

Get right with me by Depeche Mode: This one just sounds like him its hard for me to say why.
2minute warning by Depeche Mode: this one is easier. When i hear this song i feel like that is all the warning he got in chapter 28.
So she dances by Josh Groban: This is mostly for what happens in the second book but you might see a little hint of it in chapter one if you look closely.

A big thank you to Mr. Jerry Trainer for the smile that inspired one of my favorite characters and as always to my muses Depeche Mode and Josh Groban.

Tomorrow you will get to meet the protagonist: DraDonna

Thursday, September 15, 2011

HEARTs children: Jude

This is Jude:
She is the First Councilor of the HEART. She governs her own community under the direction of the Ambassador. She is a bright and happy person, with compassion and love for all of her people. She at birth was chosen by the HEART for her station as First Councilor and had a tiny grain of the powerful HEART stone implanted in each wrist that she can use to help in her ability to channel. Although Jude cannot directly channel the HEARTs energy like Symon can, she is very powerful when she takes in large doses of the HEARTs energy by way of the HEART stone. She is beloved in her community, and is bonded in friend ship to Second Councilor Fredrik (You will meet him in my next blog) as well as Ambassador Symon. The three were raised together and taught from the time they were children that they would be servants of the HEART. The three were also raised with two other who they were also bonded in friendship with (you will meet them in a later blog). With her two of her bonded friends Jude happily lived a life of service to the HEART.


She and Symon share a kiss, and then Jude becomes obsessed with the idea that there has to be a way for the two of them to be married. She even follows Symon into the HEARTs temple and discovers the secret of the HEART, and plan forms.

Jude's plans for being with Symon completely takes over who Jude is. Will her plan bring Jude and her true love together or will it be the cause of the down fall of a thousand  year old culture?

How Jude was created:
Jude was easy for me to create. And I love how complex she is. This bright, happy, loving person turns dark and obsessive. When i was pondering on what she was about i really tried to get into her head. I had to identify with her. I asked myself, what would you do for the love of your life? And then there is the that way she carried herself. A light step even when she is at her darkest. Something else that came to me was how easy she is able to intimidate people when she gets carried away with her plan. I think its the fact that she looks so lovely and sweet that people are startled when she gets mean. This is why i picked this picture of Dakota Fanning. She looks lovely and sweet but don't cross her. MissFannings picture was not the first one that i looked at. I looked at several other lovely blonde's but none of them fit. I though of what a good job Miss Fanning did in the Twilight movies i thought that she might do as Jude and i was right. Having this picture of her is wonderful help in making her character real. Pay attention to chapter 12 as this shows her dark side very well.

Judes play list:
I am you by Depeche Mode: This one is the very best look into who Jude is and why she did what she did.
Your star by Evanescence: This is a very good look at how Jude feels about not being with Symon.
The darkest star by Depeche Mode: again a good song to the dark side that comes out when she becomes obsessed with Symon.

Jude's video:
I would like to put a big thank you out to Miss Dakota Fanning for her lovely picture. It added so much depths to Jude's Character. And to my muses Depeche mode and Evanescence.

Keep a look out tomorrow for Second Councilor Fredrik.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HEARTs children: Symon

This is Symon.
He is the leader of the HEARTs children. His station is that of Ambassador. He is the only one that speaks to the HEART of the planet. He is the most powerful Ambassador that the HEARTs children have ever seen. No one can channel the HEARTs energy like he can. He has a great love for all of the people, but.....

He has a little dark secret.

The servants of the HEART (the ambassador and the two councilors) never marry. They are just supposed to love all of the HEARTs children equally. But Symon is in love with a woman that he can never be with. His first Councilor Jude. (You get to meet her in a future blog)
He is burdened with feelings of shame and guilt because he wants so badly to marry the woman he loves, but also wants to do his duty as the Ambassador of the HEARTs children.

How Symon was created:
When I first came up with the idea of Symon I didn't like him! He was going to be a minor character. He was just going to be some old friendly guy that has one scene in the beginning of the book. I was not happy with my villain so I toyed with the idea of Symon being my villain. Then my fabulous sister in law (who is one of my best buddies) gave me the idea of making him kind of like Snape from the Harry Potter books. I liked that so I started to make him a little mean but could not figure out how to transition him to the good guy.
As a character development exorcise i assign my characters a face. I look through the Internet (THANK YOU BING) for actors that i know, looking for just the right face. I had a hard time finding just the right one. When my daughter suggested that i look through the cast of Twilight (yes i like those books and movies) This is when i found this beautiful picture of Robert Pattinson. I started yelling to my daughter "I found him, I found Symon." In this pic Mr. Pattinson looks very beautiful but not overly sexy. He also looks a little sad and burdened. It was after i assigned this picture as the face of Symon that the character really took off. So when you read my book pay special attention to chapter 21. This is when you find out just how beautiful Symon is.

Symons play list:
I have always thought that you can really tell a lot about a person by the kind of music that they listen to. So as another character development exorcise I also assign each character songs. Songs that sound like their personality and the sort of situations that they find them selves in.
Here is Symons list.

In chains by Depeche Mode...because he feels trapped by his love for a woman that he can't have.
One caress By Depeche Mode...again this one is about his love and longing to be with Jude.
Only when i loose myself By Depeche Mode...This is a really good general song about him and his devotion to loving all of the HEARTs children, and also about his love for the one person who he feels he shares his soul...Jude!

Please Enjoy Symons video and keep a look out for my next blog about another one of HEARTs children.

I would also like to say a big thank you (although you don't know and probably don't care) To Mr. Robert Pattinson for the use of this picture that helped me develop a truly beautiful character. And to my Favorite band Depeche Mode who's music inspires me!