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Friday, September 16, 2011

HEARTs children: Fredrik

This is Fredrik:
He is also a servant of the HEART. Fredrik is the Second Councilor to Ambassador Symon, as well as Symon's best friend. He is also bonded in friendship with First Councilor Jude. He looks on her as a little sister. The people in his community adore him! Who wouldn't? Just look at that smile! He is the kind of person that does not have a bad word for anyone but a smile for everyone. You should also check the pocket of his robs for a squirt gun filled with mustard ( i don't think that they have squirt guns or mustard in this world but check any way!). He is a sweet funny guy that is 100% dedicated to his calling as a servant of the HEART.


When tragedy strikes his beautiful peaceful mind may be shattered.

How Fredrik was created:

"What? Isn't that the guy from iCarly?" I heard this from a facebook friend. And another one said she didn't like that I was giving my characters such famous faces. She has a valid point! Before i was a writer i was (and still am) an avid reader. So i understand the readers need to come up with their own image of a character in a story. But i have some good reasons for doing it like this.
First off, this blog is a look into my mind as i write this fantastic story. This is who I see.
Second as I have said before it is a common writing exercise to assign a face to the characters that you write, now why do i use famous ones and not just some random model? For me i need more than just a face. Having just a face is too one dimensional for me. I want my characters to be third fourth dimensional...I want you to cry when they do and feel their happiness when they laugh.
For this i need more than just a face.
First i come up with the idea of who they are and what they look like then i look for the person. An actor that i know well so i know not just what they look like but what they sound like and how they move. The pitches and tones of their laughter. Do they walk with a long stride or a light step. How do they hug someone? This helps me to get a very clear idea in my mind of my character, to the point that i can hear their voice. Now if you look closely you will see that i try to stay away from the picture of these actors in character from something else. This picture of Jerry Trainer is not a picture of him as Spencer Shay. I would not have picked a picture like that because Fredrik is not Spencer! This picture of him is from some random photo shoot. This is what i look for. Or maybe a paparazzi picture those are great. When i see this  picture of Mr. Trainer i see Fredrik and the kind of smile that he would have for anyone of his people.

Fredrik again was one of those minor characters that you would only see in one or two scenes in the very beginning of the book. At first i was just going to have him be this stiff guy, but that didn't feel right. I needed a good hearted (oops that is a forbidden word in this world) funny person. He grew from there to a chief character in the later half of the first book as well as the protagonist in the second. Next to Symon he is my favorite character. I cried when i saw him in pain.
In chapter 27 you will see his devotion to his calling as a servant of the HEART and in chapters 29&32 you will feel his pain.

Fredrik's play list:

Get right with me by Depeche Mode: This one just sounds like him its hard for me to say why.
2minute warning by Depeche Mode: this one is easier. When i hear this song i feel like that is all the warning he got in chapter 28.
So she dances by Josh Groban: This is mostly for what happens in the second book but you might see a little hint of it in chapter one if you look closely.

A big thank you to Mr. Jerry Trainer for the smile that inspired one of my favorite characters and as always to my muses Depeche Mode and Josh Groban.

Tomorrow you will get to meet the protagonist: DraDonna

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  1. His character sounds really awesome! :) Well written!! :)