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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Intro: Gabriella Hartwell

You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching

It is my unique privilege to introduce a book to you that is written by a woman of grace and insight: Gabriella Hartwell 'You find your soul mate when you let go of searching.'

Have you been searching for the one without success? Are you frustrated with the results you are seeing in your relationships? Do you feel as though you may never experience the love you see others expressing around you? It is time to let go of the ways that are no longer serving you.

You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching This book will help you to connect with yourself, the essence of who you are and what it is that you want in your life as well as whom you want in your life. When you connect with that essence, you are at the place to remember your Soul Mate and draw that soul to you in the physical.

Through exercises, visualizations, and affirmations, you will connect to the truth within you. You are love, you are beautiful, you deserve to experience the blissful connection you are craving, and that love is right around the corner.

Searching for this person keeps you from experiencing the intimate love that you desire. Searching takes you away from living in the present moment. When you are aware of the beauty around you right now, experiencing all of life right now, when you are happy right now, your Soul Mate will come to you. You have a choice in your destiny. Allow for your dreams to come true. Embrace your magnificence so that you can have the love you desire and deserve.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Для моих читателей в России, (to my readers in Russia)

Для моих читателей в России,
Каждый день я так счастлива, когда я проверить, кто читает мой блог, чтобы найти, что у меня есть люди в России, которые читают.
Я хотел бы выразить благодарность за то, что лояльных читателей и надеемся, что вы будете продолжать следить за мои блоги, а также читать мою работу, которая в настоящее время публикуется.
Однажды надеюсь посетить вашу прекрасную страну.
Я надеюсь, что переводчик, я использую перевод мое письмо должным образом.
Линна Drehmel
(To my readers in Russia,
I am so happy every day when i check who is reading my blog to find that i have people in Russia who are reading.
I wanted to express my thanks for being loyal readers and hope that you will continue to follow my blogs as well as read my work that is being published.
I one day hope to visit your beautiful country.
I hope the translator i use translated my letter properly.
much respect
Linna Drehmel)

Monday, October 3, 2011

HEARTs children: Tilla

This is Tilla:

She is another mind wipe with no memory of  her past. She is very young only around twenty, she has found that she has a gift for science now that she has regained her cognitive functions and some of her personality. She works happily as the crew manager for finding the new power well for the HEART.

or does she?

She wants to fill the gaps in her life with a man who may not love her for who she is only for who she looks like. But will her chasing after this man destroy lives?

How I created Tilla:

I knew that I needed a spy, someone on the inside that was close enough to the top. A person who could gather information and report to Jon with no problems.

Now when I first come up with the idea of spy's I first though of the spy being a man. But I felt like the spy need some motivation to spy on Symon and TynLexa other than they were told to. What better motivation than a love sick girl?

I think that Tilla's crime was pretty bad, and even though she does not remember it and no one will tell her. I think she still leans toward the dark side naturally.

I again was trying to see if I could use Maranda Cosgrove for Tilla's face but no luck, she was just too sweet and happy looking in all of her shots. I was happy on my third try that I found Anna Popplewell, She is a beautiful actress that has just the right look. I love this shot of her because she looks pretty but not quite all there.

Tilla's character is still under construction so I am not sure just how far she will go, but you will first see her in chapter 9 of the second book.

Tilla's play list:

Lie to me by Depeche Mode, This is Tilla's song for the man that she is chasing after.

In Sympathy by Depeche Mode, I think that this shows her struggle with right and wrong and how she was convinced to go to work for the bad guys.

Agent orange by Depeche mode, she is a spy it fits.

Please enjoy Tilla's video:

A big thank you goes to Miss Anna Popplewell for having the just right look to help me make Tilla just right. And to my favorite band who is my muse! Thank you Depeche Mode I love you!

For now I have blogged about all of the active characters of my HEART books, but look for more characters as I continue to work on these books. Thank you my loyal readers. Book one HEARTs children should be out sometime this month. I will be sending out a special blog to let the world know! Who will be the first to read it and write a review?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

HEARTs children: Trish

This is Trish:

She was once the First Councilor to Ambassador Tatiana.
She has always loved to serve the HEART and the HEARTs children. She is loved and revered in her community for her cheerfully compassion. She is not the kind of woman to just sit around when there is a job to be done. She rolls up her sleeves and gets her hands dirty.

Although she had parents and an older brother who she loves, Tatiana and Nathan are her brother and sister. They are her family. They have a very deep bond that is strengthened with love and respect.


A tragic accident takes her life and causes Nathan to seak revenge on an innocent man.

How I creted Trish:

She was much like Nathan. I was writing Tatiana's blog and I needed a name for the First Councilor, so I named her after one of my biggest fans in my facebook fan group, Trish Waldren.

I think that she is one of those people that are tough but tender. She is not a wimp but she is also not hardened. She has no problem with digging in and helping with the hardest work there is. And this is what lead to her death. If she had not died, when Tatiana died she and Nathan would have gone on serving the HEART in a smaller capacity like in teaching, but this tragic accident did happen and then Tatiana dies leaving Nathan very alone and bitter.

I didn't have too much trouble finding a face for Trish. I first looked at Alissa Milano and at first felt like she would work. She is the right age and has the right look, she is a brunette but could also do a dark blonde. But I started to see her interact with Nathan who i assigned the face of Julian McMahon. There was a problem. Julian McMahon and Alissa Milano acted together in one of my favorite tv shows Charmed as Cole Turner and Phoebe Halliwell. Suddenly that was all i could see and it was distracting from the where i wanted these two characters to go. So i went looking for a new face.

It did not take me too long to find Cate Blanchett. PERFECTION! She is the right age has the right look and everything!

Because she had died before the first book even happened, she will not be talked about at all in book one but she will be talked about and might even be in flash back of books two and three. You are going to have to READ THE BOOKS!

Trish's play list:

The wandering kind by Josh Groban, There is a strength and sweetness of this music very well plays to her personality.

Piano sonata #14 (moon light sonata) by Beethoven, This is such a beautiful piece of music and I think that it show how beautiful the relationship is between Trish, Tatiana and Nathan.

Lyllaby by Josh Groban, This is what Trish is saying to Nathan after her death to sooth the pain he feels from losing her and Tatiana.

Please enjoy Trish's video:

A big thank you to my friend and fan Trish Waldren for giving this character her name and Cate Blanchett for inspiring an important character. Oh for my muses Josh Groban and Beethoven! I love you, with out you I would not be able to write a single word.

Tomorrows blog: Tilla

Saturday, October 1, 2011

HEARTs children: Nathan

This is Nathan:

Nathan once served as Second Councilor with Ambassador Tatianna and First Councilor Trish. The three of them were deeply bonded as friend to the point that they felt each others pain and could hear each others thoughts. Tatiana and Trish were his like his sisters, there were his family.

Nathan deeply loved the people in his community, and was very happy and satisfied as a servant of the HEART.


A tragic accident takes one of them away from him and then the other dies of natural causes and he finds himself utterly alone, he becomes bitter and takes his bitterness out on an innocent man.

Can this man find peace and can he find forgiveness from the man who's life he ruined?

How I created Nathan:

When I was writing Ambassador Tatiana's blog I realized that she needed councilors. I wasn't sure about names and went into my fan group on face book and named the two councilors after my two most loyal fans Nathan West, and Trish Waldron. I actually was not planning for either of them becoming active characters but this great sub plot came to me that i could carry from book 2 to book 3, and suddenly Nathan is now active.

I don't see Nathan as a bad guy at all. What I see is a very sensitive person who was so bonded to Tatiana and Trish that when they both died that he felt like a part of himself died with them. He felt lost and needed to blame these feeling on someone. The target for his bitterness was easy and it became a habit for him turn to bitterness to cover up his pain.

Nathan didn't stop serving in spite of his bitterness. He went on to help teach the new generations of the HEARTs servants.

Nathan does not show up until the second book and will also be in the third book as well.

Nathans play list:

Voce Existe Em Mim by Josh Groban, I have no idea what the lyrics in this song mean but it is the intense feeling of the percussion that has inspired the personality of the character!

Miles away/ The truth is by Depeche Mode, Now i do know what the lyrics say on this one and to me it sounds like someone who is bitter. It again is more for the music however. Very intense percussion sound.

Ordinary world by Druan Druan, This is because he misses his two friends.

Please enjoy Nathans video:

A big thank you to Nathan West and Julian McMahon for the kick start on this character, and to my muses Josh Groban, Depeche Mode, and Druan Druan Thank you for the inspiring music!

Tomorrows blog: Trish