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Monday, September 17, 2012

Silver Mortal by Jenna Kay

My dear friend Jenna Kay has a new book to share with us....

There is a world invisible to Untouched eyes, where demons rule the shadows and prey on the innocents. Gracen Potts lives in this world. Her job is to serve and protect those who are oblivious to the monsters hiding from the light.

As a Silver Mortal Gracen has the power to send these demons back to Hell. With the Silver Eagle's blood running through her veins she feels like nothing can take her down. That is, until she meets a group of Night Vipers who have escaped the Viper clan.

Can Gracen keep doing her job of demon slaying and protect the rebel Vipers? 

I've always been a little different, leaning toward the weird and unusual side.  From my long white hair and fair skin, to my almost clear blue eyes—weird, weird, weird.  Not to mention my anti-social status and could care less attitude.  But my weirdness level shot up to maximum proportions the day I turned thirteen.  That was the day I saw a werewolf for the first time.
            Now I say werewolf because it looked like something from the horror movies I'd watched and the paranormal books I'd read.  Black beady eyes, tall, hairy, muscular body, sharp claws, long snout and teeth, pointy ears, resembling a large canine—you get the picture.  Though later on I learned it had not been a werewolf at all, but a demon.
            Demon.  Yes, that's what I said.  You see, up until that day I thought I was just your average looney, knowing and seeing nothing but what I saw in front of me.  Everything had been school, boys, headaches, snotty girls, and tests—crappy school junk.  Little did I know that I'd been born into a family who had been touched long ago by the supernatural.
            The day I'd seen the werewolf demon I'd screamed bloody murder, pointing at it in fear.  I'd almost peed my pants because of the terror that held my body hostage!  Then confusion set in when my fellow classmates hadn't freaked out with me.  I mean, come on!  There was a freaking werewolf in the room.  Though while I'd screamed “werewolf”, everyone in class had stared at me with wide eyes, thinking I was the freak of nature instead of the monstrous creature.  It had dawned on me that I was the only one seeing the werewolf...and the werewolf knew it.  He'd thrown his hairy head back, making a sound in between a laugh and a thunderous howl.
            That was my last day at that school.  I'd ran home to my grandmother, who had raised me from birth (per my mother's wishes) and told her everything.  The werewolf, me screaming, my classmates staring at me like I was insane...everything. 
            To my utmost surprise she'd remained calm, which had completely flustered me, but looking back now I can see why she had stayed chill.  She'd known that day had been a long time coming, though she'd left me out of the loop. I had not gotten angry with her, eventhough I'd had every right to be.  I mean, how could I be mad at the grandmother who'd raised me because my mother had gone AWOL?
            Anyway, Granny had gone into her room and returned with a hand held mirror.
            “Tell me, Gracen,”  she had whispered.  “Tell me what you see.”
            I can remember like it was yesterday.  I remember seeing the marks for the first time.  Silver claw marks to be more precise, that started on my temples and ran down my cheeks, though they were very faint.  Later on I learned that those marks could only be seen by others  after midnight...among other things.
            That was when I learned of my supernatural heritage.
            Many centuries ago a legend was born.  It spoke of a Silver Eagle that flew the skies in search of the purest of hearts, looking for the right persons to change.  The ones who would take and use its otherworldly powers to fight the evil forces of the night.  It scratched the chosen humans and they became transformed.  A fierce power burned through their veins, and at the stroke of midnight, every night, the claws marks from the eagle would surface, turning a metallic silver.  Their eyes would also turn silver, making their vision strong and more precise, for after midnight they could see in the dark as if it were daytime, and they could see for miles as well.  Their strength and agility increased to super hero level, giving them an edge to the evil walking the earth. 
            They became known as the Silver Mortals, humans marked by an unearthly force, their mission to protect humanity against the evil that inhabits the planet. Never heard of them?  No, of course you haven't.  No sane person would believe in a Silver Eagle that went around empowering people with gifts so they could fight in a supernatural war, the battle between good and evil.  Angels and Demons. 
            To finish the legend, the Silver Eagle injected its power into the ones who had been chosen, or another term some have used, Touched.  Generation after generation the bond has gotten stronger, the blood growing more and more potent to rid the world of the evil that is invisible to Untouched humans.  Well, most humans, that is.
            I say most humans, because I am human...and I'm also a Silver Mortal.  I know how tohunt, fight, and kill demons, no matter what shape, form, or monster it portrays.  I'm only sixteen but my name is getting out there, causing an uproar amongst a group of humans who have been touched by a more sinister entity.
            Just as a Silver Eagle came to earth to transform the purest of hearts, a Fallen Angel known as Botis was sent to earth, crawling out of the depths of Hell, to mark the humans with the blackest of hearts.  These humans would use their powers to aid in the destruction of mankind.  Hellbent on causing pain, finding enjoyment in watching others tormented and oppressed. 
            Botis, in the form of a huge black viper, would bite and inject the sinful man or woman with his diabolical venom, turning them into a Night Viper.
            The Night Vipers are evil spirited humans, and they will stop at nothing to destroy my kind.  They are humans teamed up with demons to create chaos and devastation in their wake.  Like the Silver Mortals, they are spread all over the world, and they too bare their own signature mark—a coiled black viper that takes up one side of their face.
            When my gift emerged I had to say goodbye to Granny and the cozy cottage we shared deep in the North Carolina mountains.  I had to go live with someone who knew what I was going through, the person who had abandoned me when I was a baby—my mother, who is also a Silver Mortal, just like her father had been, and like every generation before us.
            We live in a city full of both good and evil—New York City.Now if you were to see me walking down the street, you'd see a normal looking sixteen year old girl with horrible white hair and skin deathly pale.  But people with supernatural eyes can see me for what I truly am...
            A warrior.
            As for the Silver Eagle who injected my ancestors centuries before, no one has seen, heard, or even knows where it came from.  We only know that we have a job to do, and that we are counted on.
            My name is Gracen Potts.  Welcome to my world.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Time for me to up date you all on one of my new musical finds.
Fearless Vampire Killers just kind of swooped in and took over! If you look at what I listen to on spotify you will see I listen to them the most. They have quite the loyal following in the UK and a growing following here in the States. They have inspired a new book that I working on called Twin Flame.

So today I bring you their tour dates. If you live in the UK go see these guys.


Thursday October 11, 2012-7pm NewCastle-
Friday October 12,2012-7pm Stoke-on-trent
Saturday October 13, 2012-7pm-Swindon-
Sunday October 14, 2012-7pm-Southhampton
Monday October 15, 2012 7pm-Leeds-
Tuesday October 16, 2012-7pm-Birmingham-
Wednesday October17,20127pm-Wolverhampton-
Thursday October 18, 2012 7pm-Peterborough-
Saturday October 20, 2012 7pm-Sheffield-
Sunday October 21, 2012 7pm-Andover-
Monday October 22, 2012 7pm-Cardiff-
Tuesday October 23, 2012 7pm-Bristol-
Wednesday October 24, 2012 7pm-Nottingham-
Friday October 26, 2012 7pm-Milton Keynes-
Saturday October 27, 2012 -7pm- Exeter-
Monday October 29, 2012- 7pm-Southend-
Tuesday October 30, 2012 7pm-Wrexerham-
Wednesday October 31, 2012 7pm-London-

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I think that 2012 is the year that I find all these wonderful UK bands! Truly, I have had a great year so far finding these guys. This time though, they found me. One day I saw on twitter 'Evilyn follows you' I looked them up on face book and found another band of British musicians.


Ryder- Vocals/guitar/synth

John- Guitar

Luke- Bass

Liam- Drums

These four talented young musicians live in south west London. They formed their band in November of 2011. The first song of theirs I heard is called War is Now. It was instant love for me with this song. True to being me the first thing I noticed is the sound of Ryder's voice. Deep and powerful! The next thing I noticed is how well all of these guys play together as a band. Very smooth and cohesive, it is hard to believe that they have only been together for less than a year! They sound like they have been playing together for a long time.

These fine young British gentlemen have shared the stage with another favorite of mine Fearless Vampire Killers and are about to do a gig with yet another band I love Ashestoangels at the Guildford community center, London, UK. on October 6, 2012 (see them on facebook for further details).
They also will have an EP out soon called A Revolution Is Upon Us, so be on the look out. (I will be keeping an eye on them and will let you know as well)

I have been privileged to chat with several members of the band I find them to be intelligent and funny! They are down to earth and very friendly. And I must say ladies...CUTE!

Here are some places you can find them on social media:
Sound Cloud:

Please enjoy this YouTube video of them live:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spot Light: UGLY LOVE

This has been a great year for me to find HOT new bands and most of them British! Here I found another one! These guys are new and I mean brand spankin new! The band formed January 2012.

The members of the band are:
Tom Adolph:  vocals
Kit Hawes-Webb: Guitar
Matt Lucas: Bass
Jan Mniszko: Drums

The two songs that I have heard are fun fast paced, make ya wanna jump around and dance, punk rock with a little bit of goth mixed in. I love it! I cannot wait to hear more from them.

I had a good time chatting with Tom the vocalist. He is funny and intelligent. I love how open and easy he is to talk to. Kind of like everyone is a friend to this guy. I look forward to chatting with other members of this fun new band. Come find them on social media. Give a follow, a like, leave some love. Have some fun with Ugly love!




They are offering there new EP on their website, they are doing something fun, name your price for a down load, please be generous in supporting this band. Offer at least $1 per song, lets help these guys get on their feet!


Some up coming dates so you can see them live if you live anywhere near these guys...GO SEE THEM!

AUG 30th // Nambucca, London (headline show)

SEPT 15th // The Forum, Tunbridge Wells (w/ZICO CHAIN)

SEPT 16th// The Bang Bar, Basingstoke (w/Orestea)

SEPT 22nd // The Tubman, Hastings (headline show)

OCT 26th // Plantation Cafe, Guildford (w/EVARANE)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dirty Streets of Heaven By: Tad Williams

I was privileged  to be asked to do an advanced review of Tad Williams new book The Dirty Streets of Heaven.


Bobby Dollar has a secret. Actually he’s got a ton of them. The most important one is that his real name’s Doloriel and he’s an angel. Not an important angel, maybe, but a rough-and-tumble guy who’s always done his part in the long cold war between Heaven and Hell.

But now he’s stepped into the middle of something that’s got both sides very nervous — an unprecedented number of missing souls. And if that wasn’t enough, someone has summoned a truly unpleasant Babylonian demon that’s doing its best to track him down and rip him to pieces. Also, his opposite number on the case is arguably the world’s sexiest she-devil, and Bobby has feelings for her that Heaven definitely does not allow.

" I found Sam sitting in the open doorway of his room pulling his loafers on. I dropped down beside him because I wanted to tie on my own shoes properly. I had a gun, yes, but no socks, no flashlight, no shirt and no wallet. It's hard to be prepared for a major explosion in your hotel, but I'd definitely dropped the ball."

What I liked:
The characters. They are well developed and well rounded. You love the good guys, and it is obvious who the good guys are but they are not with out flaws themselves. The bad guys are really well created and are easy to identify but are not with out their appeal. 

What I loved:
I loved that this is another one of his suck zone books! You open to the first page and you are sucked in! The story is so rich and fun that you get sucked in from the very first word! When I started to read this book my worst fear becomes...WHAT IF I DIE BEFORE I FINISH READING THIS BOOK? Truly for me Tad has once again created something new and fresh. There really is no comparison to any other book on the market, including his own. I know this because I have read everything that he has written. The best I can do is to say the feel of the flow of the story is similar to The War of the Flowers. The Dirty Streets of Heaven has a unique feeling to the story line. I love how he comes up with the new concepts and a fresh perspectives in his story telling.
I highly recommend this book to a scifi/fantasy reader, but due to cussing in the book I would say those over 17.

 Former singer, shoe-seller, radio show host, and inventor of interactive sci-fi television, Tad Williams is now a full-time writer. His 'Memory, Sorrow and Thorn' series established him as an internationally bestselling fantasy author. The series that followed, 'Otherland', is now a multi-million-dollar MMO launching in 2012 from dtp/realU/Gamigo. Tad is also the author of the fantasy series, the 'Shadowmarch' books; the stand-alone Faerie epic, 'The War of the Flowers'; two collections of short stories ('Rite' and 'A Stark and Wormy Knight'), the Shakespearian fantasy 'Caliban's Hour' and, with his partner & collaborator Deborah Beale, the childrens'/all-ages fantasy series, the 'Ordinary Farm' novels. Coming in September 2012 are the Bobby Dollar novels, fantasy thrillers set again the backdrop of the monstrously ancient cold war between Heaven and Hell: the first is 'The Dirty Streets of Heaven.'

Tad is also the author of 'Tailchaser's Song': his first novel spawned the subgenre of cats and fantasy that we see widely today. 'Tailchaser's Song' is currently in preproduction as an animated film from Animetropolis/IDA.

**as a reviewer I received a free advanced copy of his book The Dirty Streets of Heaven, however I have received no payment or compensation to do this review.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


As you all remember from a few blog posts back I have discover this great band in the UK. They are not only five very talented musicians but five kind men.
So I am going to bring to you anything they have going on. This is what is up with ASHESTOANGELS....
They have a web store with lots of great items (I have ordered a tshirt and I cant wait to get it) New to the web store is the promotional packages for their up coming new album that is produced, recorded and mixed by the fabulous WILLIAM CONTROL! Please check it out!

check out this kool video of them and see for yourself how awesome they are!

Linna Drehmel the literary phoenix
Ich wird werden mich!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Q&A With Madison Daniel

Hello Madison welcome once again to my blog.
1)      Introduce yourself again to my readers
MD: My names Madison and I write with the passion of an old musical composer. Music is everything. I am the author of the Ember series.
2)      Tell us about your current publications
MD: First there is the Ember saga. Ember is out now. The next installment will be available in November. Both brought to you by the amazing indie publisher, Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing.
I also have a new anthology called Beyond the Never that I have written with my most inspiring sisters in words...Alexia Purdy, Kyani Swanigan, Jenna Kay and yourself, Linna Drehmel. The book holds 10 dark, sexy and haunting stories of forbidden fairy-tales, nightmares and anything that goes bump in the night. It was a total blast to put together! My writing sisters are the best!
3)      Tell us what you have coming up this year
MD: Writing, promotion, more writing, editing, promotion, editing, writing some more...shall I go on? Ha! Actually, I hope to meet some of my readers this year. I really want to say, “thank you” in person. My friends, followers and fans are my fire. I write for them completely.
4)      What WIPs do you have going on right now?
MD: I have the 3rd book in the Ember series,’s coming along nicely. I have a new YA/SCI-FI series that I hope to have ready for a very near future launch. It’s such a great ride and has an original cover design from one of my personal favorite artists! I’ll announce that as soon as I can. There is the possible follow up to OUR new anthology (Beyond the Never). Another new series, YA/APOCALYPTIC LOVE STORY, is plotted out. A horror story called STILL (adult), is scratching to get out too. OH, and a possible comic book/graphic novel too. (I always wanted to see Ember as a comic book!)
5)      Who are your main musical muses?
MD: Too many to name. The Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Extreme, Muse, Garbage and anything Chris Cornell touches.
6)      Do movies inspire you? If so what is your favorite?
MD: Completely inspire me! I write as if I was describing a movie. Moving eye candy! My fav is “The Crow” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” Both the eternal search for hope. “Aliens (#2)” and the “Kill Bill” movies are right there at the top too.
7)      What inspires you other than music?
MD: Emotions. If you can’t feel it, it’s probably not worth writing down. Also, eye image can inspire a million words.
8)      If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
MD: Somewhere with beaches, crystal clear water, lots of rain and a kick @ss internet connection!!!
9)      What is the last place on earth you want to live?
MD: I can’t answer that yet...I haven’t been enough places yet. :)
10)   If you could choose to be any gothic being what would it be? (Vampire, Werewolf etc)
MD: An immortal. Not a vampire though. More like Dorian Gray (without all the bad karma.) OR Highlander (without all the beheadings!)
11)   If you could have lunch with a past historical figure who would that be and why?
MD: Cleopatra. I would love to sing for her.
12)   I heard you are a good musician, please tell my readers about your music, do you sing? Play piano, guitar? Do you have a band?
MD: I play guitar, bass and a little piano. I sing like a mutha trucka!!! Always singing! Point me in the direction of a microphone and hold on! KA-BOOM!!!
Sadly, I think my band days are over. Though, I still joke around with a past bandmate about “getting the  band back together” for one more show. There is a definite possibility of a duet session though. 2 boys and 2 guitars, rocking til the break of dawn! Who’s in?
I still write a little on the side too.
13)   What do you think was the best piece of music ever written?
MD: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is almost perfect. Love it. But honestly, I don’t think “the best piece” has been written yet. :)
14)   What makes a hero in your eyes? (I grew up in the military, mom dad and brother all served to me they are heroes)
MD: Sacrifice. Complete and unselfish acts of kindness. People who spend their whole lives bringing smiles to others lives. That’s a hero to me.
15)   If you could make just one statement that the world would always remember you by what would it be?
MD: Music is life and the written world is our soul.

MD: Thanks for having me again! I love it here! LIVE like you mean it! & DREAM out loud! ~ M.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Once again I have found another great band in the UK.

This band is five talented musicians:
I found that the band officially started on July 8, 2008 and that they all now live in London, UK.

I am very please with the discovery of this band. They have such a wonderful sound. I love how they harmonize, and their music is fast paced but not so fast that you don't know what is going on. I love the honesty that I hear when i think about what the lyrics are saying.  It is complete artistic expression. I saw on their facebook page that they call their kind of music 'Death Pop', they remind me of a British  version of Oingo Boingo.

I have really been having fun watching their unique videos on youtube as well here is one that I like:
Please find these talented musician and find out for your self how kool they are. And as always PLEASE use legal means to down load their music, do not support pirate sites!
Official website:
Backstreet merchant:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spotlight! Ashestoangels


Once again I bring you another blog post about a new band, a British one as well. Before I get into their music I would like to say they are very photogenic! Look at that stunning photo!

This band is made up of five wonderfully expressive people...
Crilly- Vocals and synth
Davey- Guitar and vocals
Nico- Bass and vocals
Adam- Guitar and vocals
Jim- Drums and vocals

I really love their sound. Their music is powerful and fast paced. I love the fact that all five of them sing too, adds depth to their sound. I thought as I was listening to their music that they somewhat remind me of a band from the 90's that I love very much called QueensRyche. I think it is the sound of Crillly's voice that reminds me of them. 

If you want something to make you want to jump around and dance then go seek these guys out!

Friday, April 13, 2012


In celebration of his new release Wicked Paints. It is my privilege to bring to you my friend and publishing brother Nathan Squiers!

Click on the link to get your first taste, only .99


Elizabeth has a gift. Every night, allowing her mind to travel into dark and mysterious places, she sees a world of vampires and creatures of darkness; a world she knows is real and feels compelled to paint.
But her gift--her talent--is going to be put to the ultimate test when she dreams of Xander Stryker.
Driven by a need to depict her new subject in all the horror and splendor that she felt in her dream, she resorts to the unimaginable. Her need will pull her into the depraved depths of the very supernatural world that she'd dreamt of for so long.
Is her mind prepared for the darkness of the unseen world, and is her body capable of withstanding her own unnatural motivations to create the perfect portrait...
A portrait of the legacy of the Crimson Shadow.

Author's bio***

Born in Massachusetts in 1986, Nathan grew up in Andover where his

affinity for story-telling flourished due to a love of books and
movies as well as an overactive imagination. At the age of 13, Nathan
and his mother moved to upstate New York to be closer to their family.

After surviving public school, where he spent most of his days locked
away in the AV room watching old 80s movies on Laserdisc and planning
out his next video project, Nathan began a shaky college career. A
love of inventing and telling stories was motivation enough to pursue
an education in English, and, as luck would have it, a series of
phenomenal professors were presented to get him pointed in the right
direction. It was in his first years of college that Nathan began to
actively pursue a writing career, starting his first literary journey
with a piece that would become Crimson Shadow (due for release summer
of 2012 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing).
Like any good story, a chaotic turn of events brought Nathan from the
very brink of insanity and loneliness to the warm, comforting embrace
of Megan, his best friend, lover, kindred spirit, and--more often than
not--personal handler. It was with Megan at his side that Nathan was
able to continue his writing (sometimes solely motivated by the young
lady's threats of dismemberment if he tried to stop). With Megan's
help, Nathan was able to see Death Metal, his fourth manuscript,
through the publication process.

Nearly ten years later, Nathan continues to invent stories and put
them into a literary sequence that he hopes will be somehow
decipherable by other readers. As a lover of all things creative, he
works in both novels, novellas, short stories, as well as comic book
scripts (just don't ask him to draw something if you don't like stick

Come be a stalker of the literary genius! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I know you have all seen her, here and there on the Internet. And I am happy to say that I have crossed paths enough with this wonderful woman to call her my friend. She has interviewed me on her magazine as well as doing a live pod cast with her over skype. She is kind and works hard to help and promote other authors and artist with out any thought for her self. I felt it was time to present to you this wonderful woman and her work.

*If there is one thing that rings true with me it is that I love anything paranormal in nature. I started watching old vampire movies in 1975, thank god my Mom didn't stop me. It was then that the creatures captivated me and this love affair has only grown more intense with me over the years. It is not only vampires that hold my attention, it is anything out of the normal and as I grew into my awk...ward teenage years I started dressing in all black and sneaking into clubs to listen to "The Cure" & "Depeche Mode" and of course I had my clove cigarettes with me (that burned mostly in my hand as I did not inhale)...but as time marched on, I held onto my black clothing fetish, but shed the cloves and then something incredible happened....Anne Rice.
It was her take on the vampire that humanized the creature for me for the first time, and with her descriptive nature and her underlying sadness at the hand of immortality, vampires became people to me and not just creatures of the night. I carried this with me, not having any intention of ever writing anything, in fact I am a movie junkie and as movies became more thrilling with stories such as "Blade", "Underworld" and "30 days of night", the vampire changed on film and suddenly they had backstories, they had feelings and they were relateable to everyone. I honestly did not sit down to write an epic adventure that the "Blood & Light Series" became, but as the characters matured and I mixed more of my own experiences into it, it did and to date I have written 5 full novels and I am currently working on my 6th installment to the series. The Blood & Light series is about a vampire race, that existed long before humans...but the twist is that they do not need blood to survive, they need lifes energy, something that we all create...every living thing, and although I did include blood into the story as some do feed on it, it is purely for pleasure and tends to serve as a bonus in sexual situations and to some vampires who are ruthless in nature. My vampires are current day, real beings...they do not stalk around sneaking into windows and wearing capes, they are sarcastic, fierce warriors and dedicated to their families and to each other. They are able to glamour people with spells, not the old "I look into your eyes and you do my bidding" and they are able to portal through mirrors to other places and sometimes get caught in a "purgatory" of sorts for immortals that I call "memory". The story is written from one girls perspective...that of "Rue Volley" who is just turning 17 when the story begins and as she matures, each book matures as she grows older. Each book is a year in her life, leading you to her 21st birthday (when vampires in my world actually receive their immortality and power). I thank anyone who gives the story a chance, new authors face many trials...most are nervous to branch out and try something new...but to all who do, I honestly am grateful and if you enjoy humor, adventure, sarcasm, romance and sexual will find something that you like in this. The books are written as if you are watching a series and although they may seem long, I use a lot of conversation to move you along, give you answers to questions you may have and give you the opportunity to live the story with these characters that are near and dear to my heart.
about my books...
There are many books to chose from when it comes to Rue Volley and her work. First she wrote a 6 book series titled "The Blood & Light vampire series". Now with this series you will find that Rue takes you on an epic journey, if you are a fan of vampires, demons, angels, ghosts, Greek mythology, and sci-fi...this is a series you will want to dive into. The story starts out somewhat in progress and in book one you are introduced to the core group of characters that most of which will remain throughout the series itself. Blood & Light is wrapped in mystery, humor, adventure, romance and everything in between. It is the story of a 16 year old girl and with each book you live a "year" in her life as she struggles with personal problems, new romance and the fact that she does not want to be a vampire. This series is a completely new twist on the vampire genre as it does mention blood, but is mainly based on "energy" as the vampires feed on it and as the story unfolds you will find that you are immersed in a world of vampires with a deep and treacherous past. There are epic battle scenes, some language and mild sexual situations. This is NOT just a teenage angst series but the main character "Rue Volley" does mature as the series progresses and she uncovers her past and grows as a person into what she needs to become. It is an unforgettable journey. The final 3 books in this series will be released in 2012.

"Red Wine" is an anthology that Rue was involved in and her short story "Birth of a vampire" is twisted and shrouded in mystery. It is actually a backstory on a small vampire character that joined the Blood & Light series in book two in that series titled "Smoke & Mirrors." The story is about a young girl, who is a twin and quite disturbed. It is a quick and enjoyable read that will leave you wanting more and you can get more by reading The Blood & Light Vampire Series.
"Razor Saga" is an extremely erotic 3 book series that follows a woman by the name of "Lilah" as she mourns the loss of her sadistic lover "Rin". The story starts out in an extremely erotic way and continues through all three books. These books are short and easy reads but sure to get you flustered in a good way. They include language, graphic sexual situations, violence and a detailed look into the world of bondage and fetishes. This series is ADULT 18+ only.

"One Bite" is book one is another erotic tale Rue Volley has spun. This story follows a woman and her partner who are in the FBI and is shrouded in mystery and eroticism. This was the first time that Rue Volley played around with the traditional view on vampires with blood, fangs and all. It takes you from the harsh streets of New York City to the hillsides of Romania and book two in this series will be released in 2012. It is a quick and enjoyable read sure to make you want more. This series is also ADULT in nature with graphic sexual scenes and language. 18+ only.
"a witches tale" is a new series that Rue Volley is currently working on now. The first book is available now and book 2 will be released in 2012. This story follows a teenage witch "Alexi" as she struggles with the loss of her mother and wanting to leave the home she has always known, but she is held to the town of "Ravenswood" for more reasons than just her Father. This story starts out as Alexi is narrating, giving you a background on the place she is from and her life up until this point. Other characters are soon introduced and then the story starts to take a turn allowing you to be immersed in a magical world, one of which Alexi hopes she can navigate along with her best friend Logan Stewart and all the magical characters that soon enter into her life. This series is adult in nature only because of some language and probably the closest Rue Volley has come to a YA series. It is full of humorous situations and lovable characters that will draw you in and keep you reading. It is wrapped in humor, romance. mystery and the paranormal. Book 2 in this series "This & That and what killed the cat" will be released in 2012.

if I had to define myself it would simply be "a jack of all trades and a master of none."

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