Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spotlight! Ashestoangels


Once again I bring you another blog post about a new band, a British one as well. Before I get into their music I would like to say they are very photogenic! Look at that stunning photo!

This band is made up of five wonderfully expressive people...
Crilly- Vocals and synth
Davey- Guitar and vocals
Nico- Bass and vocals
Adam- Guitar and vocals
Jim- Drums and vocals

I really love their sound. Their music is powerful and fast paced. I love the fact that all five of them sing too, adds depth to their sound. I thought as I was listening to their music that they somewhat remind me of a band from the 90's that I love very much called QueensRyche. I think it is the sound of Crillly's voice that reminds me of them. 

If you want something to make you want to jump around and dance then go seek these guys out!


  1. Cool. I liked QueensRyche, too, so I'll definitely check them out. Thanks! :D

    1. Liesel~ I am impressed by them and I am very picky about music. I only have profiled two other musicians. Thanks for visiting my blog xoxo