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Wednesday, January 18, 2012





I’m not really sure if I can say that I had a best and worst, but I do have favorites and least favorites.  I started writing initially as my own personal therapy and so when I sit down to write after going through a spell of not writing the story or theme written about reflects, not necessarily my mood or how I’m feeling, though that does happen from time to time, but more often how I want to feel or be.

My most favorite would have to be, absolutely my book, The Saga of Olav.  It was a work in progress for at least ten years and changed form and got revised several times before I was happy with the world construction and naturally the way the story would be written due to that process.  Even within that there are things that are my least favorite and that has wound up being something that I’ve passed off as being a part of the process.  It was, for me, a great accomplishment in that it was the first book that I published, even though it was self-published.  It was the act of publishing itself that was important to me.  I never was concerned with publishing and being a big name at a bookstore or on Amazon or anything of that nature, but I recently found out that a girl in Indiana is doing an accelerated book report on The Saga of Olav and that has been the biggest thrill for me, being a bookworm to know that someone out there loved my book as much as the books I grew up loving.  To me that’s greater than any award, or huge contract that I could get from a publisher or the literary community.  It is still a work in progress and soon I plan on going back to this world of an Industrial Revolution and Vikings to finish the next book in the series, The Saga of Maggnus.

My absolute least favorite would have to be a book of poetry that I also self-published before The Saga of Olav called Say it as One.  I like poetry and I’m good at writing it and have won a couple of awards with it, but for me it’s very simple to write and does not pose much of a challenge to me like switching from scene to scene, or keeping the story moving smoothly, or keeping a reader interested as I do in standard fiction.  All of the poems in that book are very personal to me and I have close to another book’s worth of poems, but I’m not certain if I will ever publish them.  When I published Say it as One it was more to actually publish something for the first time.  I had a lot of trouble ever finishing anything on my writing up until that point and I chose to put everything that I had at that time and put it all together and then sent it into Createspace because it was something that I could say that I had finished something.

Link The Saga of Olav

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuesdays Tale: The Twitter Bug

Hello my name is Dr. Eve Albrecht. I am the head of the Anthropology team. It is my wish that someone out there will one day discover the truth about the ‘Twitter bug’. I don’t think I have long to live as my mind is turning to mush as we speak and I think the MIB have just pulled up in front of my house.

About a year and a half ago I was called out by my university to Antarctica. Now I know you wonder why in the world an anthropologist would be called out there where there is no life no culture. Well this is where my story kicks in. Please bear with me as I am not an author, I am a scientist.

A team of geologist went out to take some routine core samples and the samples were brought in to my universities field unit in Antarctica, it is a department that I don’t see. When they opened the core sample there were many layers of ice and snow and then rock. But just before the lay of rock there was what looked to be a modern day button of sorts with the letter T on it.

When the geology team freaked out and could not figure out where it came from or how it got there. They called me in. I have degrees in both anthropology and archaeology. It would seem strange that something so modern looking would be down so far in an ice and rock core sample.

My first reaction is that it was a prank from an intern. But I could tell by the look on my colleges face that he thought that this was no joke! So I promised that I would take this in to have it radio carbon dated. This is when the shock came in….This button tested at being 10,000 years old, and yet further testing shows that the button is in fact made from modern plastics and dyes.

Now me as a 38 year old archaeologist/anthropologist I do not have time for doing much socializing on the inter net so I don’t know much about social web sites. I stick to research sites and keep all my work in word doc files and that is it.

One night after I got back, I took my work home and I had a digital image of the button on my laptop as I was working and my 15 year old daughter came up behind me and told me that the picture was that of a ‘Twitter’ button. Upon asking her what she meant she told me that twitter was a social web site that a lot of her friends at school loved, but she had not got on it yet (she said she liked facebook better whatever that is).

Not understanding what……………………hang on I have to hide it think the MIB are here……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..ok I am back. I think they are gone. Anyway I sent the image of the button to a friend of mine in New Mexico along with all my data. He told me that this came from (I didn’t buy this at the time but now…) that ship had crashed in Roswell back in the 50’s and that the button carried a virus called the ‘twitter bug’ and that the government had tried to cover it up by burring the evidence in Antarctica and that we were never meant to find it. He also said that I could be in danger if they knew that I had the button.

I believe him now because his broken and twisted body was found in the Rio Grande River the next day. I have destroyed the button and all my research, but I still felt that I should write down some kind of record of what happened.

Beware! The twitter bug is spreading………………………I have to go post my tweet now………………………………………………………..
**Thanks for reading my story with the word prompt 'broken'. Keep a look out for next weeks story.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tuesdays Tale: Truth be told part 3

“What do you mean you went mad?” Natalie asked the large green dragon.

When I found that I could not talk to the new babe, I could no longer stand to be around humans. This is called the dragon madness, few survive it. They cannot think straight, they stop eating and drinking. So some die from hunger, a few have actually exploded.”

“They explode?” She asked feeling sick again. “I never read anything about that.”

“It is not very common, in their madness they forget to release the gases that create the flames and they explode.”

“Oh how awful!” She exclaimed feeling her stomach heave at the thought of this beautiful creature being so mad with grief that he exploded.

“I only survived by sleeping. I found a cave and slept. I knew that the babe was not the blessed daughter and thought that real blessed daughter might one day be found. It was all that kept me alive.”

“Wait a minute,” She said verbally stopping the flow of his words in her mind. “do you mean to tell me that you know that Natalinann’a is not the blessed and that I am?”

“Yes” was the simple reply in her mind.

“And you can prove to the mirror court that Natalinann’a is not the blessed daughter and I am?”


“Please tell me how!” She begged desperately.

“When any babe is born in this land the mother whispers the name on the child’s soul,”

“I know Bal’thon told me about that and that they also whisper the name in a jewel.”

“Only riders have the jewel, it is a dragon tear. We give it to our mistress riders when they are with child.”

Feeling stunned by all the dragon had told her. She looked down and saw the dagger that Bal’thon had dropped and picked it up. As she unwound the little necklace with the dragon tear its glow was strong and bright. “So this truly is mine?”

“Yes blessed daughter,” He told her. “You are the child of my rider.”

“So I can prove who I am.” She said excitedly.

“You can hear me, that fact alone can prove that you are the blessed daughter, put with the dragon tear. Yes, it proves who you are, and everyone will see Natalinann’a’s lies and no one will doubt.” He told her. “Come blessed daughter, ride with me and let the truth be told.”

Thank you for reading my story, this weeks word prompt is lies. Truth be told is a chapter of my work in progress Mirrors Other Side, This is the end of the chapter but  not the end of Mirrors Other Side. I will be posting more bits of this work in progress, so keep reading. I will always bring you tales that will surprise and delight you!
Let your light so shine!
Linna Drehmel

Friday, January 6, 2012


So Anne here or as some of you have noticed Carly Anne is my full name and it's time I confess!!!

 I think that the best thing for me is when I read a book and post my review and within moments the author has written me back saying how taken back they are, how they are excited that I not only got the point but that I was able to convey it into the review and give away little to no detail about the best parts. However for every positive is a negative and that would be when people get a book they don't care for so they go all negative on the author. I am a reviewer and have been giving reviews for about a year now and I enjoy every minute of it. I see a lot of people who read books and then tear the author apart because they didn't like the book, well here is my view on that. Not every person is going to like every book and that is ok it's how the world works but instead of trashing the book or author I offer this, I myself find the good parts, the parts that attract readers and I bring those to light because each person is different and enjoy different things. Breaking down a book is simple you just have to be open minded enough to not be biased in your review.

I love and enjoy the books I read, and only came across two that I didn't personally care for. Nonetheless, I still took the time to recount the good things in these books and recommended them to people who I think will enjoy them.
 I love all the time I am able to spend with authors while I'm reading their books. And I am absolutely learning a ton of new things and get an unreasonable amount of support in my own writing ventures. I am a drama free kinda gal and I try to enjoy what life has to offer I escape through my books and look forward to every new cover that comes my way!!! So see y'all around.. and books are like air and water to me so please enjoy my favorite song...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


1. How did i start doing book reviews?
This was something I had been thinking about but wasn't sure how to start, until I was offered the chance to guest post for Lore Lush Book Reviews. I was nervous because I didn't know anything about how lay out a review. After my post was published on the blog. I saw another review by Anne Wallace, and liked it, so I sucked it in, and stared my own, on a phone.
2. What types of books do I review?
Pretty much anything, except, political, heavy religious, most non-fiction, middle grade books ~ but I have reviewed them in the past. What I love to review are Paranormal Romance with twists of horror, mystery, suspense, thriller, humor, and steamy is a great twist too. A HAWT, SEXY, MEAN VAMPIRE is my #1 Read.
3. Do I have any other author related passions I would to share/?
A. Author Promotions
Not only do I review the books, I also promote the author and their books as much as I can. It is hard enough to get published, and with today's economy, it can be down right difficult. So I do what I can to help spread the word, because there are a lot of fabulous new authors out today that most people haven't heard of, so I use the big mouth GOD gave me and scream across the internet. LOL
I Love My Authors on Facebook ~
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B. Library Bookmark Display
I have been collecting bookmarks to take to my local Library, to help spread the word by taking it to the streets. If anyone would like donate bookmarks or books, please e-mail me @

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tuesdays Tale: Truth be told part 2

Truth be told part 2:

“Oh my!” She exclaimed out loud. “You are the most stunning creatures I have ever seen.”

            Natalie remembered reading Tal’lia’s books on dragon lore and dragon bonding. A person sings and if the magic in the person’s voice matches the harmony of the dragon’s soul then they would be bonded for life, as dragon and rider. This was called the dragon’s kiss.

            She felt like it was worth a try. Maybe she could get a little bit out of him, who he was, why he came and whose dragon he was.

            She closed her eyes and reached inside herself, and pulled her magic in to her voice. She had no idea what to sing. Natalie just opened her mouth and let the music flow.

            To her own earth raised ears the melody sounded a lot like The Moon light sonata, but was more powerful than she knew. She opened her eyes and looked at the dragon as she continued her song. He had his eyes closed and was swaying with the sad yet magical power of the melody.

            Natalie ended her song and the dragon opened his eyes. “How did you know that melody?” She heard spoken in her mind. She gasped in shock at the sound of the dragons voice in her head. “Again child how did you know that melody? Only my rider knew it.”

 “I don’t, don’t  know”  She stammered out loud. “I just thought that I might be able to talk to you through music. I wasn’t sure but I had hoped to hear your words.” 

            “Well girl I also heard your cry for help, and that was the distress call that only my rider used.” The dragon reported to her in her mind.

            “Who was your rider?” Natalie asked.

            Her name was Natashlin’a. We were bonded when I was but a chick and she a small tot. She was trained as a dragon rider defender, and was so honorably for her first 17 season. We fought many battles with the destroyers of sound, she saved many herds and crops, and lives. On her 18th season the High blessed son began to court her and they were married on her 19th season and she became the High blessed daughter. On her 20th season she became the Blessed Mother as she gave birth to a blessed daughter. She died moments later. Her mid wife said it was complications of the birth but I know she was killed by evil magic of the destroyers of sound. When her voice went out of this world, I went mad.”  
*thank you for reading part 2 come back next week to read part 3
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