Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tuesdays Tale: Truth be told part 3

“What do you mean you went mad?” Natalie asked the large green dragon.

When I found that I could not talk to the new babe, I could no longer stand to be around humans. This is called the dragon madness, few survive it. They cannot think straight, they stop eating and drinking. So some die from hunger, a few have actually exploded.”

“They explode?” She asked feeling sick again. “I never read anything about that.”

“It is not very common, in their madness they forget to release the gases that create the flames and they explode.”

“Oh how awful!” She exclaimed feeling her stomach heave at the thought of this beautiful creature being so mad with grief that he exploded.

“I only survived by sleeping. I found a cave and slept. I knew that the babe was not the blessed daughter and thought that real blessed daughter might one day be found. It was all that kept me alive.”

“Wait a minute,” She said verbally stopping the flow of his words in her mind. “do you mean to tell me that you know that Natalinann’a is not the blessed and that I am?”

“Yes” was the simple reply in her mind.

“And you can prove to the mirror court that Natalinann’a is not the blessed daughter and I am?”


“Please tell me how!” She begged desperately.

“When any babe is born in this land the mother whispers the name on the child’s soul,”

“I know Bal’thon told me about that and that they also whisper the name in a jewel.”

“Only riders have the jewel, it is a dragon tear. We give it to our mistress riders when they are with child.”

Feeling stunned by all the dragon had told her. She looked down and saw the dagger that Bal’thon had dropped and picked it up. As she unwound the little necklace with the dragon tear its glow was strong and bright. “So this truly is mine?”

“Yes blessed daughter,” He told her. “You are the child of my rider.”

“So I can prove who I am.” She said excitedly.

“You can hear me, that fact alone can prove that you are the blessed daughter, put with the dragon tear. Yes, it proves who you are, and everyone will see Natalinann’a’s lies and no one will doubt.” He told her. “Come blessed daughter, ride with me and let the truth be told.”

Thank you for reading my story, this weeks word prompt is lies. Truth be told is a chapter of my work in progress Mirrors Other Side, This is the end of the chapter but  not the end of Mirrors Other Side. I will be posting more bits of this work in progress, so keep reading. I will always bring you tales that will surprise and delight you!
Let your light so shine!
Linna Drehmel


  1. Oh! I love the way you are weaving all these prompts into such an awesome long story.
    This week's offering is beautiful.