Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I think that 2012 is the year that I find all these wonderful UK bands! Truly, I have had a great year so far finding these guys. This time though, they found me. One day I saw on twitter 'Evilyn follows you' I looked them up on face book and found another band of British musicians.


Ryder- Vocals/guitar/synth

John- Guitar

Luke- Bass

Liam- Drums

These four talented young musicians live in south west London. They formed their band in November of 2011. The first song of theirs I heard is called War is Now. It was instant love for me with this song. True to being me the first thing I noticed is the sound of Ryder's voice. Deep and powerful! The next thing I noticed is how well all of these guys play together as a band. Very smooth and cohesive, it is hard to believe that they have only been together for less than a year! They sound like they have been playing together for a long time.

These fine young British gentlemen have shared the stage with another favorite of mine Fearless Vampire Killers and are about to do a gig with yet another band I love Ashestoangels at the Guildford community center, London, UK. on October 6, 2012 (see them on facebook for further details).
They also will have an EP out soon called A Revolution Is Upon Us, so be on the look out. (I will be keeping an eye on them and will let you know as well)

I have been privileged to chat with several members of the band I find them to be intelligent and funny! They are down to earth and very friendly. And I must say ladies...CUTE!

Here are some places you can find them on social media:
Sound Cloud:

Please enjoy this YouTube video of them live:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spot Light: UGLY LOVE

This has been a great year for me to find HOT new bands and most of them British! Here I found another one! These guys are new and I mean brand spankin new! The band formed January 2012.

The members of the band are:
Tom Adolph:  vocals
Kit Hawes-Webb: Guitar
Matt Lucas: Bass
Jan Mniszko: Drums

The two songs that I have heard are fun fast paced, make ya wanna jump around and dance, punk rock with a little bit of goth mixed in. I love it! I cannot wait to hear more from them.

I had a good time chatting with Tom the vocalist. He is funny and intelligent. I love how open and easy he is to talk to. Kind of like everyone is a friend to this guy. I look forward to chatting with other members of this fun new band. Come find them on social media. Give a follow, a like, leave some love. Have some fun with Ugly love!




They are offering there new EP on their website, they are doing something fun, name your price for a down load, please be generous in supporting this band. Offer at least $1 per song, lets help these guys get on their feet!


Some up coming dates so you can see them live if you live anywhere near these guys...GO SEE THEM!

AUG 30th // Nambucca, London (headline show)

SEPT 15th // The Forum, Tunbridge Wells (w/ZICO CHAIN)

SEPT 16th// The Bang Bar, Basingstoke (w/Orestea)

SEPT 22nd // The Tubman, Hastings (headline show)

OCT 26th // Plantation Cafe, Guildford (w/EVARANE)