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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I think that 2012 is the year that I find all these wonderful UK bands! Truly, I have had a great year so far finding these guys. This time though, they found me. One day I saw on twitter 'Evilyn follows you' I looked them up on face book and found another band of British musicians.


Ryder- Vocals/guitar/synth

John- Guitar

Luke- Bass

Liam- Drums

These four talented young musicians live in south west London. They formed their band in November of 2011. The first song of theirs I heard is called War is Now. It was instant love for me with this song. True to being me the first thing I noticed is the sound of Ryder's voice. Deep and powerful! The next thing I noticed is how well all of these guys play together as a band. Very smooth and cohesive, it is hard to believe that they have only been together for less than a year! They sound like they have been playing together for a long time.

These fine young British gentlemen have shared the stage with another favorite of mine Fearless Vampire Killers and are about to do a gig with yet another band I love Ashestoangels at the Guildford community center, London, UK. on October 6, 2012 (see them on facebook for further details).
They also will have an EP out soon called A Revolution Is Upon Us, so be on the look out. (I will be keeping an eye on them and will let you know as well)

I have been privileged to chat with several members of the band I find them to be intelligent and funny! They are down to earth and very friendly. And I must say ladies...CUTE!

Here are some places you can find them on social media:
Sound Cloud:

Please enjoy this YouTube video of them live:

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