Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tuesdays Tale: Truth be told part 2

Truth be told part 2:

“Oh my!” She exclaimed out loud. “You are the most stunning creatures I have ever seen.”

            Natalie remembered reading Tal’lia’s books on dragon lore and dragon bonding. A person sings and if the magic in the person’s voice matches the harmony of the dragon’s soul then they would be bonded for life, as dragon and rider. This was called the dragon’s kiss.

            She felt like it was worth a try. Maybe she could get a little bit out of him, who he was, why he came and whose dragon he was.

            She closed her eyes and reached inside herself, and pulled her magic in to her voice. She had no idea what to sing. Natalie just opened her mouth and let the music flow.

            To her own earth raised ears the melody sounded a lot like The Moon light sonata, but was more powerful than she knew. She opened her eyes and looked at the dragon as she continued her song. He had his eyes closed and was swaying with the sad yet magical power of the melody.

            Natalie ended her song and the dragon opened his eyes. “How did you know that melody?” She heard spoken in her mind. She gasped in shock at the sound of the dragons voice in her head. “Again child how did you know that melody? Only my rider knew it.”

 “I don’t, don’t  know”  She stammered out loud. “I just thought that I might be able to talk to you through music. I wasn’t sure but I had hoped to hear your words.” 

            “Well girl I also heard your cry for help, and that was the distress call that only my rider used.” The dragon reported to her in her mind.

            “Who was your rider?” Natalie asked.

            Her name was Natashlin’a. We were bonded when I was but a chick and she a small tot. She was trained as a dragon rider defender, and was so honorably for her first 17 season. We fought many battles with the destroyers of sound, she saved many herds and crops, and lives. On her 18th season the High blessed son began to court her and they were married on her 19th season and she became the High blessed daughter. On her 20th season she became the Blessed Mother as she gave birth to a blessed daughter. She died moments later. Her mid wife said it was complications of the birth but I know she was killed by evil magic of the destroyers of sound. When her voice went out of this world, I went mad.”  
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  1. When I saw 'Moonlight Sonata' I was wondering which movement you had chosen for her to sing. I'm glad it was the First since the Third in Presto agitato would have been very difficult but not impossible for her.
    Fantastic choice of music.

  2. What an evocative pice of writing. I loved it. And I lvoe the Moonlight Sonata, too.

  3. Though Paranormal is not my genre, I loved this piece, Linna. I am looking forward to the next installment. And I play this movement of Moonlight Sonata on the piano myself. It's one of my favorite pieces. Well done.

  4. I love how you are putting music into your story. It gives another dimension to it.