Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tuesdays Tale: Truth be told

Mirrors other side:
 Truth be told part 1

The dragon was as tall as a Clydesdale, with the shear mass of a small elephant. He had beautiful shimmering emerald green scales. His large wings were a thin membrane that attached along an arm like appendage ended with almost hand like talons. He had large gold eyes that looked sad and a little wild.

Natalie knew the surprise of the dragon would not last long so she sprang into action and shoved Bal’thon off, jumped up and scrambled around behind the dragon in an attempt to shield herself from her attacker.

Being shoved to the ground awoke Bal’thon from the shocked daze, and heated up his lust for her blood.  He again retrieved his dagger from the ground sprang to his feet and found himself face to face with the beast who had bent its head down to look him in the eye. Bal’thon’s dagger fell from his nerveless hand with a soft thud. He was mesmerized just looking into those large golden eyes. Bal’thon opened his mouth as if to say something as he slowly began to bend his knees and sink to the ground as if in an attempt to grasp his knife.

The dragon then opened his great maw and breathed out a note that sounded somewhat like Natalie’s desperate song from a few minutes ago. Only its melody was deeper and shook Bal’thon to his very bones. As the volume and intensity of the dragons song grew, Bal’thon pressed his hands to his hears trying to block out the sound, he opened his mouth in an attempt to use magic in his voice but was completely lost in the dragons mighty song.

When the dragon finished his song the only thing that broke the silence was sound of Bal’thon slumping to the ground, deeply unconscious.

Although Natalie was afraid to abandon her hiding place behind the dragons massive haunches, her curiosity prompted her to investigate the situation. She was relieved and yet a little apprehensive to find Bal’thon laying comatose among the leaves.

            “What’s this creature going to do to me? Eat me maybe?” She thought to herself as she walked on unstable legs around the dragon to confront the imposing beast. "I wish there was some way I could talk to him." 

            Natalie hardly dared to look as she came around to his head. She plucked up her courage as she looked him in the intense gold eyes. Natalie took in a sharp breath as she took in the sight of his wild beauty.
*Keep a look out for part 2 next week


  1. You had better be giving us Part 2 next week. Or I'll send the dragon after you

  2. A story with dragons in it? Count me in. Can't wait to see how Natalie handles this big baddie.

  3. Oh my, you've got me with this one. lovely.