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Monday, December 12, 2011



They say confession is good for the soul…. Guess I’ll find out if “they” are right, since Linna has encouraged me to confess all my secrets about my writing. So, grab your drink, open up the confessional window and I will bend your ear…

I love to write. I really do, most days it’s all I want to do, all I have ever wanted to do. Disappearing into other worlds, the joy of creating them and people to fill them, thrills me and excites me. A part of me lives in those worlds, the fantasy that I create. Are all the fantasies amazingly awesome? Well… no. Sometimes they start out really amazing and then they turn amazingly awful!
So… what was the best piece of writing I’ve ever created you ask? I don’t know if I can answer to what is the best one, but I can answer to what was and is my favorite piece… It’s the second book to my Agents for the Crown series, Artifice, which will be out sometime in late January 2012. I had already completed the first book, Courting Danger, and so I knew my characters well by the time I began book two. At least I thought I did! I learned new things about myself and my worlds when I got into the story and it practically wrote itself. I love it when that happens.
And now to the real confession… the worst thing I’ve ever written… the piece that will never in a million zillion trillion years see the light of day… A tween story I wrote, I actually completed it, but it was awful! It was so cheesy and cliché, oh my goodness it was truly dreadful! I had titled it Secret Love, can you get any cheesier? It was about this girl who had a secret admirer that would send her anonymous messages online and they would talk back and forth and she’d fall in love with him more each time. It turned out it was her best friend’s older brother… see completely cliché!
Now that I have confessed… I do feel much better… guess the saying is true! Confession is good for the soul… so I’ve shared mine… your turn!

Here is the back cover blurb for Artifice:

David Alexander Cole, the Earl of Whitborne is tired of his life as an agent, but when he meets an enchanting young miss with an unusual request he discovers he cannot help but be intrigued. Miss Joanna Deville enters his life like a whirlwind and he finds himself hard pressed not to help her in her quest for love, entangling him in a love triangle. The game is one of deception, make a certain gentleman jealous, and catch a jewel thief in the process, but it goes awry when he finds himself falling in love with Joanna’s devastatingly beautiful best friend, Miss Arianna Channing. What’s a spy to do when confronted with such Artifice…
Arianna Channing has always been the belle of the ball. Her entourage includes all of the most eligible gentlemen, and she enjoys the power her beauty has over them, but there is one… One delectable rake with the power to make her feel something more, something real and true, but he’s embroiled in a charade of love with her best friend. How can she ever convince the rakishly handsome Lord Whitborne to quit his deception and join her in a true romance…

“Very well, my dear, you have yourself a bargain. As soon as we reach London, I shall become your Flirt. Though, I may ask for a favor in return later,” Alex replied, with a wicked grin.


Here is a link to Courting Danger...


  1. I'm falling behind! Agents of the Crown is still in my TBR pile. Now I'll have to add Artifice too. See, Elizabeth, that confession didn't hurt a bit. ;P

  2. Thanks Sinead! You're right, didn't hurt... much! LOL