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Friday, December 2, 2011



First of all, I never use the first ending I write for any story because I always hate it the second time I read it. So that may mean that my worst "work," is actually like the endings to the last six published novels. However, I personally think a work I started-and wrote a lot on before chucking it-back in about 1993 is my worst. I had no idea how to build suspense, how to effectively plant red herrings, how do drop little clues to the real thing along the way, and how to limit my plot twists. And I had chosen to write a murder mystery about a serial killer. It was one of those classic "what was I thinking?" moments. I never finished it because I was a pantser back then and ended up growing very weary with my story.

On the flip side, I still think Lifeline Echoes is the work that makes me feel the best. It was just one of those moments of inspiration one night when I was listening to my MP3 player on random, and a song came on that set the premise for the story of love coming full circle after the characters have decided to move on. It's been called "brilliant" by some but even without those words, it's just the story I love to come back to and think about - it's filled with emotion (one of my trademarks). And it's the first thing I've ever actually plotted start to finish before I wrote. It's quite intricate and somehow very tight as far as the plot goes, vastly different from my first attempt at suspense.

And if anyone wants to read it, leave a comment. I'll give away a PDF copy to someone drawn at random. For the blurb, check the Amazon listing:

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