Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tuesdays tales: Burdens of proof part 4

With all of her might she yanked her left foot back dragging Bal’thon’s foot with hers. In that split second when he was off balance she shoved his chest and he fell, landing hard on his back. She sprang into action and tried to jump over him and run, but Bal’thon took a wild swipe at her left leg as she made her desperate attempt to escape and the blade of his dagger sliced though her dress and cut deeply into her left leg.

            The pain of the blade cutting her leg caused her to stagger and fall just beyond Bal’thon. Natalie struggled to her feel just as he rose from the ground him-self. She could not believe that she once thought Bal’thon was good looking. He now looked revolting to her. He seemed to pulsate evil as he stalked her like a carnivore, would stalk his pray.

            “You are already dead, Natalinthia. You just don’t know it yet.” He said with a quiver of blood lust in his voice, as if killing her would be a holiday treat to him.

            Natalie looked around her at the circle of trees and stone, for a place of safety. “No use calling for help. There are few people alive who know that this place exists and the only person who knows you are with me is dead.”

            Natalie felt her knees go weak as she struggled to stay on her feet. She understood what he was saying. “That’s right, I killed Tal’lia. She found out who I was and I had to stop her. She was going tell everyone who I really am. I couldn’t have that. I had to finish this.”

            “Oh not Tal’lia.” Natalie moaned as her eyes blurred with tears. Her precious friend and mentor was dead.  

            “Don’t worry Blessed Daughter, you will soon be joining her.” He said then sprang towards her. He tackled her, with his shoulder he drove the air from her lunges as she fell to the ground with him on top of her. Natalie squirmed trying to get him off of her, but with no success. Her hand felt a rock near her and she picked it up and smashed it as hard as she could on the side of his head, knocking him sideways and off of her. She flipped over and scrambled desperately away from Bal’thon. Before Natalie could get very far she felt his left hand grip her left leg, right where he cut her. The pain exploded in her leg, making hard for her to struggle. He dragged her back towards him, Bal’thon then let go of her leg, grabbed her shoulder and once again flipped her on her back. He hovered over her as he pinned her to the ground with his left knee in her stomach.
Keep watch for part 5 next week!


  1. Fast paced and it sucked me right in. I can't wait to read more next week.

  2. Love how even hurt she's not giving up.

  3. Can't wait to read more! I want to know how she gets away.