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Wednesday, December 7, 2011



My Worst Work: Starting with unpublished - there's this really awful fanfiction series that I wrote for a friend several years ago that involved turning her into a Mary Sue style character and basically sleeping her way through a series of her favorite movie and book characters. It was hideously awful, and I'm just glad that she's also too embarrassed by it to share it with anyone. Even if she did, I'd deny it in public. As for the published - there are only three right now but the worst definitely has to be the first, Marked. It was something I wrote as a dare, and then submitted as a double-dare. What amazes me is that Sugar & Spice actually accepted it. I have things that are SO much better.

My Best Work: Again starting with unpublished - I've spent the last six months writing a steampunk-style horror story for my alter ego. It's still untitled, but involves a clockwork brain and a fairly prolific serial killer. It's sexy and scary, and I can't wait to get it finished. And for the published - it would have to be my latest release, Blood Doll. It was written on the fly as a last-minute Halloween add-in, but it has the most plot, the strongest story, and characters that I adore. To be honest, I want to keep Christian for my very own. Lucky for me, I can continue to play with both him and Lana, and they will be making an appearance in a freebie story just a few days from now, during the Stuff Your Stockings Blog Hop.

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Marked - Available at Sugar & Spice Press

She-Wolf - Available at Sugar & Spice Press

Blood Doll - Available at Sugar & Spice Press


Something in the Air - from Rebel Ink Press
Letting Go - from Rebel Ink Press

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  1. If I keep adding books to my TBR, I'll be eighty before I get them all read. lol. Great confession Siobhan!