Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tuesdays tale:Burdens of proof part 3


            With out so much as a sound he lunged forward, gripping his left hand non too gentle on her throat making it hard for her to breathe. “What are you doing?”   She choked. “Let go!” She desperately tried pry his hand from her neck.

            “You wanted to know how it is I believe in who you are.”  Bal’thon growled, as he reached behind him with his free hand and pulled an evil looking dagger from his belt. The blade looked like it was made from black volcanic glass, its hilt was of a dark old wood with runes carved on it. Wrapped around the hilt was a small sliver necklace with a crystal dangling from it like a tear drop. “This is how” he went on as he raised the blade.

            She was frozen with fear. This is who Tal’lia tried to warn her about today. “I don’t understand.” Natalie whispered as she struggled for air.

            “Oh I am only too happy to explain my dear.” Bal’thon said mockingly.  “You see those bones over there. That man was my father. He was not supposed to put you on ear’th.  to He was supposed to kill you, with this knife to be specific. It would have cut your infant heart from your chest and absorbed your magic in the process. This magic would have been given to my sister who took your place in your mother’s dead arms. Only my father took the cowardly way out he took this necklace from off your neck and sent you through the glass.” He was so caught up in his rant that he didn’t realize that his grip on her neck loosened. Natalie slowly drew more air and was able to push down her fear and touch the very magic he spoke of in her heart. She could hear the fire of truth in his enraged voice.

            “Why,” she stammered. Careful not to give away that she could breath and wove a bit of her own magic in her voice, that would encourage him keep talking and give her a little bit of time to think of a way for her to get away from him. “The necklace…doesn’t make sense…”  Natalie said as she pretended to gasp for breath.

            “I guess I forgot that you didn’t grow up her, Blessed Daughter.” He said sarcastically. “Listen up, Ear’th girl. When a woman births a baby here she speaks the child's name with music and her name is engraved on the child’s soul. In your case when she spoke your name with her last magical breath, it engraved your name on this crystal tear as well as on your soul.” He said with the glow of hatred in his eyes.

            “You see,” Bal’thon continued. “Your blessed name began to glow in the heart of this crystal the day you came back through the glass. The nearer it comes to you the more brightly it glows.”

            “Now this crystal will glow its brightest as I do what my cowardly father should have done in the first place.” The malice in Bal’thon’s voice slithered in her ears like the hiss of a rattle snake about to strike.

            As Bal’thon was talking Natalie carefully moved her left foot around behind his right one. When he stopped talking he took the dagger and placed the razor sharp tip of it on her chest. Natalie knew that she had to act now or he was going to cut her heart out.


  1. Fast paced and intriguing ut I kept asking myself - if he kills her, surely he'll destroy the energy in the teardrop too?

  2. Loving the story and of course you leave us hanging.

  3. Great story, can't wait to see what happens next.


  4. Gosh, on tenderhooks here! Can't wait for the next chapter!
    I'm a fan, hook line and sinker =D

    Gena Robertson