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Sunday, December 4, 2011



Okay...first of all, I find it hard to say that anything created by someone is awful. It takes everything in you to pull out something so personal, especially in the writing world. With that being said I have written things that I will never release, not because I think they are absolutely horrible but because I could not feel anything as I wrote it and as anyone who has experience my writing can tell you, I only write what I know and I am brutally honest.
The worst thing I ever wrote...
Well as I have dedicated my life (the last year & a half) to a series I call the Blood & Light Vampire series, I have had to take momentary breaks from it, because it is emotionally exhausting to write. Everything in it pertains to my life and experiences I have had, good & bad. Well, I decided that after I wrote the 4th book in the series I needed a break from it to catch my breath and I started writing a back story on two of the characters that popped up in the 2nd book called "Will & Wonder". I will tell you it started out awesome (to me) but as I wrote it I lost my interest until I was literally not looking forward to working on it and the story got stale and I abandoned it. I don't know if I will ever pick it back up and I never even shared it with my husband (who reads everything that I write) in fact he asked me and I told him I accidentally erased the file. lol
The best thing I ever wrote...
Has to be The Blood & Light Vampire series. I wrote the first 5 books in 11 months and I have started to read the first of the series over again and I swear to you I don't even remember some of the things I wrote in it, but it cracks me up. I do have a runner up, only because I have an extremely dirty side and that would be "Razor" which is a hardcore fetish series I started to write and to tell me to write something with no boundaries is a dangerous proposition and Razor is dirty and creepy and I loved every single moment of it, but it is ADULT ONLY, unlike Blood & Light, which is a little tamer.

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  1. awesome:) Thank you for having me. -Rue

  2. I'm really itching to get my beta-reading done because I want to tackle my TBR pile. Blood and Light is waiting for me there! Great confession, Rue!