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Thursday, December 1, 2011



The worst thing that I have written was a story called Seasonal Blessings. It was intended to be a novel and I had submitted it to the textnovel contest. The more I wrote it the more I realized I was exporting what was going on with my life into the main character. It was not done intentionally, but my subconscious took over. The story was full of hate and anger which did not appeal to me, so how could a potential reader like if I did not. Then there were there dream sequences. Yuck! Dream sequences are over done and many readers hate them. So with little resistance I hid the story away from everyone.

My best work is Kalle Rabbit and Pelle Fox, though I know some will disagree. I consider it my best work because it can be shared by the family. Kalle Rabbit and Pelle Fox is a series of children stories about a fox and a rabbit that have adventures in the forests of Sweden. The characters were created by my grandfather and he made up stories with them, which he would tell my mom and my aunt. In a way I am continueing this tradition by making up my own stories about the two characters. Even my eleven year old son who I read them to gets a laugh and want’s me to reread them to him. With theses series of stories I believe I have become closer to my grandfather, even though he had passed away when I was a child. The two furry animals made there way into my heart and i hope that they will make their way into many more hearts in the future.

My website is and twitter is sellery2010

  • Fire of the Rose is my First Young Adult Novel. The story is based on my sons idea. He did not want to write it but asked me to. He enjoys everything I write including the several children's stories I have written. My son is my task master the Rose of Fire. He expects me to read him something new from the novel each day. So I must keep up. It is actually a good thing, keeps me motivated and working hard. The Novel won the Editors Choice Award for May 2011 along with four others. You can track my progress at this link FIRE OF THE ROSE if you like the story please register with and vote for it. All votes are appreciated. Dont forget to check every day for updates.
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    1. Kalle Rabbit and Pelle Fox made me really take notice of you. I remember thinking this guy has talent. Fire of the Rose blew me away- I admire your ablility to write many genres.