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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesdays Tale: Burdens of proof part 5

Part 5

“Please don’t do this.” Natalie managed to plead with him. She was growing faint, from the loss of blood and the lack of air because his knee didn’t leave much room for her to breathe. “I know you had feelings for me Bal’thon. I heard it in your voice.”

            His eyes blazed with a murderous glint as he said, “ No Natalinthia, all I have ever felt for you is hate. We have always hated you, all of you Blessed people of the voice.” He sneered. “You are all just a bunch of useless twitting birds, with your magical little voices. Killing you is just the start of my people destroying your voices.”

            Bal’thon then reached down on the ground and picked up the ugly dagger from where he dropped it when they struggled, and raised it to plunge in her heart.

            Natalie knew that this dagger would bring death in one stroke, she squeezed her eyes shut and pushed all the fear down and grabbed fiercely at the power inside her and forced it all into one high sharp note.

            The shock wave of magic hit him full force, painfully slamming his ears with sound. With a look of pain and anger on his twisted face he slaps his bloody left hand over her mouth to muffle the sound as a gale force wind began to whip around them, like an approaching storm. 

            “What is it?” Screamed Bal’thon, “Stop this!”

Almost as if in response to his screams the wind stopped, but to his great shock a very large creature dropped down on the ground next to them with a mighty thud. Both of them stared in shock. Natalie knew what this animal was. Although she had never seen one, she knew that they existed here. It was a huge dragon that was as green as a Christmas tree.

***This is the last part of the chapter called Burdens of proof from my novel called Mirrors other side. I will be posting the next chapter in this great story in several instalments with my fantastic group Tuesdays tales. Thank you and I hope you continue to read my work.



  1. Dragon! So cool! I had to go back read the first four parts. Very fast-paced, very intriguing. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Awesome action and a green dragon too :-) I happen to like dragons!

  3. Love the moldy green dragon touch at the end

  4. Nice, a big dragon should make Bal’thon a little nervous.