Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


1. How did i start doing book reviews?
This was something I had been thinking about but wasn't sure how to start, until I was offered the chance to guest post for Lore Lush Book Reviews. I was nervous because I didn't know anything about how lay out a review. After my post was published on the blog. I saw another review by Anne Wallace, and liked it, so I sucked it in, and stared my own, on a phone.
2. What types of books do I review?
Pretty much anything, except, political, heavy religious, most non-fiction, middle grade books ~ but I have reviewed them in the past. What I love to review are Paranormal Romance with twists of horror, mystery, suspense, thriller, humor, and steamy is a great twist too. A HAWT, SEXY, MEAN VAMPIRE is my #1 Read.
3. Do I have any other author related passions I would to share/?
A. Author Promotions
Not only do I review the books, I also promote the author and their books as much as I can. It is hard enough to get published, and with today's economy, it can be down right difficult. So I do what I can to help spread the word, because there are a lot of fabulous new authors out today that most people haven't heard of, so I use the big mouth GOD gave me and scream across the internet. LOL
I Love My Authors on Facebook ~
I Love My Authors on Tumblr ~
B. Library Bookmark Display
I have been collecting bookmarks to take to my local Library, to help spread the word by taking it to the streets. If anyone would like donate bookmarks or books, please e-mail me @


  1. Great interview Wendy!!! :)

    You are one of the coolest book lovers I know!!!


    Lisa :)

    1. AWE! Y Thanks you guys make it easy cause y'all Rock! Thanks Lisa! Hugs

  2. It amazes me that you started on a phone!And I agree with Lisa you are one of the coolest book lovers I know. Also, a big thanks to you for helping so many of us get the word out about our books! Love Ya!

  3. Thanks Lisa and Candice, love you ladies too! It is my pleaseure to do what I can to help. Muah