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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Q&A With Madison Daniel

Hello Madison welcome once again to my blog.
1)      Introduce yourself again to my readers
MD: My names Madison and I write with the passion of an old musical composer. Music is everything. I am the author of the Ember series.
2)      Tell us about your current publications
MD: First there is the Ember saga. Ember is out now. The next installment will be available in November. Both brought to you by the amazing indie publisher, Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing.
I also have a new anthology called Beyond the Never that I have written with my most inspiring sisters in words...Alexia Purdy, Kyani Swanigan, Jenna Kay and yourself, Linna Drehmel. The book holds 10 dark, sexy and haunting stories of forbidden fairy-tales, nightmares and anything that goes bump in the night. It was a total blast to put together! My writing sisters are the best!
3)      Tell us what you have coming up this year
MD: Writing, promotion, more writing, editing, promotion, editing, writing some more...shall I go on? Ha! Actually, I hope to meet some of my readers this year. I really want to say, “thank you” in person. My friends, followers and fans are my fire. I write for them completely.
4)      What WIPs do you have going on right now?
MD: I have the 3rd book in the Ember series,’s coming along nicely. I have a new YA/SCI-FI series that I hope to have ready for a very near future launch. It’s such a great ride and has an original cover design from one of my personal favorite artists! I’ll announce that as soon as I can. There is the possible follow up to OUR new anthology (Beyond the Never). Another new series, YA/APOCALYPTIC LOVE STORY, is plotted out. A horror story called STILL (adult), is scratching to get out too. OH, and a possible comic book/graphic novel too. (I always wanted to see Ember as a comic book!)
5)      Who are your main musical muses?
MD: Too many to name. The Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Extreme, Muse, Garbage and anything Chris Cornell touches.
6)      Do movies inspire you? If so what is your favorite?
MD: Completely inspire me! I write as if I was describing a movie. Moving eye candy! My fav is “The Crow” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” Both the eternal search for hope. “Aliens (#2)” and the “Kill Bill” movies are right there at the top too.
7)      What inspires you other than music?
MD: Emotions. If you can’t feel it, it’s probably not worth writing down. Also, eye image can inspire a million words.
8)      If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
MD: Somewhere with beaches, crystal clear water, lots of rain and a kick @ss internet connection!!!
9)      What is the last place on earth you want to live?
MD: I can’t answer that yet...I haven’t been enough places yet. :)
10)   If you could choose to be any gothic being what would it be? (Vampire, Werewolf etc)
MD: An immortal. Not a vampire though. More like Dorian Gray (without all the bad karma.) OR Highlander (without all the beheadings!)
11)   If you could have lunch with a past historical figure who would that be and why?
MD: Cleopatra. I would love to sing for her.
12)   I heard you are a good musician, please tell my readers about your music, do you sing? Play piano, guitar? Do you have a band?
MD: I play guitar, bass and a little piano. I sing like a mutha trucka!!! Always singing! Point me in the direction of a microphone and hold on! KA-BOOM!!!
Sadly, I think my band days are over. Though, I still joke around with a past bandmate about “getting the  band back together” for one more show. There is a definite possibility of a duet session though. 2 boys and 2 guitars, rocking til the break of dawn! Who’s in?
I still write a little on the side too.
13)   What do you think was the best piece of music ever written?
MD: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is almost perfect. Love it. But honestly, I don’t think “the best piece” has been written yet. :)
14)   What makes a hero in your eyes? (I grew up in the military, mom dad and brother all served to me they are heroes)
MD: Sacrifice. Complete and unselfish acts of kindness. People who spend their whole lives bringing smiles to others lives. That’s a hero to me.
15)   If you could make just one statement that the world would always remember you by what would it be?
MD: Music is life and the written world is our soul.

MD: Thanks for having me again! I love it here! LIVE like you mean it! & DREAM out loud! ~ M.
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  1. Great interview! Very unique answers. I really love the cover of Beyond the Never. That looks awesome! :D

  2. Thanks Liesel! Madison is very kool.

  3. OMG!! Loved it Madison...Thanks Linna for putting this together. And...I love that you quoted from Bill and Ted!! to both of you!!

  4. That was supposed to be KISSES to both of you!! Deb

    1. Thank you Deb! Madison is always fun to have on my blog.