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Saturday, March 3, 2012


I know you have all seen her, here and there on the Internet. And I am happy to say that I have crossed paths enough with this wonderful woman to call her my friend. She has interviewed me on her magazine as well as doing a live pod cast with her over skype. She is kind and works hard to help and promote other authors and artist with out any thought for her self. I felt it was time to present to you this wonderful woman and her work.

*If there is one thing that rings true with me it is that I love anything paranormal in nature. I started watching old vampire movies in 1975, thank god my Mom didn't stop me. It was then that the creatures captivated me and this love affair has only grown more intense with me over the years. It is not only vampires that hold my attention, it is anything out of the normal and as I grew into my awk...ward teenage years I started dressing in all black and sneaking into clubs to listen to "The Cure" & "Depeche Mode" and of course I had my clove cigarettes with me (that burned mostly in my hand as I did not inhale)...but as time marched on, I held onto my black clothing fetish, but shed the cloves and then something incredible happened....Anne Rice.
It was her take on the vampire that humanized the creature for me for the first time, and with her descriptive nature and her underlying sadness at the hand of immortality, vampires became people to me and not just creatures of the night. I carried this with me, not having any intention of ever writing anything, in fact I am a movie junkie and as movies became more thrilling with stories such as "Blade", "Underworld" and "30 days of night", the vampire changed on film and suddenly they had backstories, they had feelings and they were relateable to everyone. I honestly did not sit down to write an epic adventure that the "Blood & Light Series" became, but as the characters matured and I mixed more of my own experiences into it, it did and to date I have written 5 full novels and I am currently working on my 6th installment to the series. The Blood & Light series is about a vampire race, that existed long before humans...but the twist is that they do not need blood to survive, they need lifes energy, something that we all create...every living thing, and although I did include blood into the story as some do feed on it, it is purely for pleasure and tends to serve as a bonus in sexual situations and to some vampires who are ruthless in nature. My vampires are current day, real beings...they do not stalk around sneaking into windows and wearing capes, they are sarcastic, fierce warriors and dedicated to their families and to each other. They are able to glamour people with spells, not the old "I look into your eyes and you do my bidding" and they are able to portal through mirrors to other places and sometimes get caught in a "purgatory" of sorts for immortals that I call "memory". The story is written from one girls perspective...that of "Rue Volley" who is just turning 17 when the story begins and as she matures, each book matures as she grows older. Each book is a year in her life, leading you to her 21st birthday (when vampires in my world actually receive their immortality and power). I thank anyone who gives the story a chance, new authors face many trials...most are nervous to branch out and try something new...but to all who do, I honestly am grateful and if you enjoy humor, adventure, sarcasm, romance and sexual will find something that you like in this. The books are written as if you are watching a series and although they may seem long, I use a lot of conversation to move you along, give you answers to questions you may have and give you the opportunity to live the story with these characters that are near and dear to my heart.
about my books...
There are many books to chose from when it comes to Rue Volley and her work. First she wrote a 6 book series titled "The Blood & Light vampire series". Now with this series you will find that Rue takes you on an epic journey, if you are a fan of vampires, demons, angels, ghosts, Greek mythology, and sci-fi...this is a series you will want to dive into. The story starts out somewhat in progress and in book one you are introduced to the core group of characters that most of which will remain throughout the series itself. Blood & Light is wrapped in mystery, humor, adventure, romance and everything in between. It is the story of a 16 year old girl and with each book you live a "year" in her life as she struggles with personal problems, new romance and the fact that she does not want to be a vampire. This series is a completely new twist on the vampire genre as it does mention blood, but is mainly based on "energy" as the vampires feed on it and as the story unfolds you will find that you are immersed in a world of vampires with a deep and treacherous past. There are epic battle scenes, some language and mild sexual situations. This is NOT just a teenage angst series but the main character "Rue Volley" does mature as the series progresses and she uncovers her past and grows as a person into what she needs to become. It is an unforgettable journey. The final 3 books in this series will be released in 2012.

"Red Wine" is an anthology that Rue was involved in and her short story "Birth of a vampire" is twisted and shrouded in mystery. It is actually a backstory on a small vampire character that joined the Blood & Light series in book two in that series titled "Smoke & Mirrors." The story is about a young girl, who is a twin and quite disturbed. It is a quick and enjoyable read that will leave you wanting more and you can get more by reading The Blood & Light Vampire Series.
"Razor Saga" is an extremely erotic 3 book series that follows a woman by the name of "Lilah" as she mourns the loss of her sadistic lover "Rin". The story starts out in an extremely erotic way and continues through all three books. These books are short and easy reads but sure to get you flustered in a good way. They include language, graphic sexual situations, violence and a detailed look into the world of bondage and fetishes. This series is ADULT 18+ only.

"One Bite" is book one is another erotic tale Rue Volley has spun. This story follows a woman and her partner who are in the FBI and is shrouded in mystery and eroticism. This was the first time that Rue Volley played around with the traditional view on vampires with blood, fangs and all. It takes you from the harsh streets of New York City to the hillsides of Romania and book two in this series will be released in 2012. It is a quick and enjoyable read sure to make you want more. This series is also ADULT in nature with graphic sexual scenes and language. 18+ only.
"a witches tale" is a new series that Rue Volley is currently working on now. The first book is available now and book 2 will be released in 2012. This story follows a teenage witch "Alexi" as she struggles with the loss of her mother and wanting to leave the home she has always known, but she is held to the town of "Ravenswood" for more reasons than just her Father. This story starts out as Alexi is narrating, giving you a background on the place she is from and her life up until this point. Other characters are soon introduced and then the story starts to take a turn allowing you to be immersed in a magical world, one of which Alexi hopes she can navigate along with her best friend Logan Stewart and all the magical characters that soon enter into her life. This series is adult in nature only because of some language and probably the closest Rue Volley has come to a YA series. It is full of humorous situations and lovable characters that will draw you in and keep you reading. It is wrapped in humor, romance. mystery and the paranormal. Book 2 in this series "This & That and what killed the cat" will be released in 2012.

if I had to define myself it would simply be "a jack of all trades and a master of none."

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