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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dirty Streets of Heaven By: Tad Williams

I was privileged  to be asked to do an advanced review of Tad Williams new book The Dirty Streets of Heaven.


Bobby Dollar has a secret. Actually he’s got a ton of them. The most important one is that his real name’s Doloriel and he’s an angel. Not an important angel, maybe, but a rough-and-tumble guy who’s always done his part in the long cold war between Heaven and Hell.

But now he’s stepped into the middle of something that’s got both sides very nervous — an unprecedented number of missing souls. And if that wasn’t enough, someone has summoned a truly unpleasant Babylonian demon that’s doing its best to track him down and rip him to pieces. Also, his opposite number on the case is arguably the world’s sexiest she-devil, and Bobby has feelings for her that Heaven definitely does not allow.

" I found Sam sitting in the open doorway of his room pulling his loafers on. I dropped down beside him because I wanted to tie on my own shoes properly. I had a gun, yes, but no socks, no flashlight, no shirt and no wallet. It's hard to be prepared for a major explosion in your hotel, but I'd definitely dropped the ball."

What I liked:
The characters. They are well developed and well rounded. You love the good guys, and it is obvious who the good guys are but they are not with out flaws themselves. The bad guys are really well created and are easy to identify but are not with out their appeal. 

What I loved:
I loved that this is another one of his suck zone books! You open to the first page and you are sucked in! The story is so rich and fun that you get sucked in from the very first word! When I started to read this book my worst fear becomes...WHAT IF I DIE BEFORE I FINISH READING THIS BOOK? Truly for me Tad has once again created something new and fresh. There really is no comparison to any other book on the market, including his own. I know this because I have read everything that he has written. The best I can do is to say the feel of the flow of the story is similar to The War of the Flowers. The Dirty Streets of Heaven has a unique feeling to the story line. I love how he comes up with the new concepts and a fresh perspectives in his story telling.
I highly recommend this book to a scifi/fantasy reader, but due to cussing in the book I would say those over 17.

 Former singer, shoe-seller, radio show host, and inventor of interactive sci-fi television, Tad Williams is now a full-time writer. His 'Memory, Sorrow and Thorn' series established him as an internationally bestselling fantasy author. The series that followed, 'Otherland', is now a multi-million-dollar MMO launching in 2012 from dtp/realU/Gamigo. Tad is also the author of the fantasy series, the 'Shadowmarch' books; the stand-alone Faerie epic, 'The War of the Flowers'; two collections of short stories ('Rite' and 'A Stark and Wormy Knight'), the Shakespearian fantasy 'Caliban's Hour' and, with his partner & collaborator Deborah Beale, the childrens'/all-ages fantasy series, the 'Ordinary Farm' novels. Coming in September 2012 are the Bobby Dollar novels, fantasy thrillers set again the backdrop of the monstrously ancient cold war between Heaven and Hell: the first is 'The Dirty Streets of Heaven.'

Tad is also the author of 'Tailchaser's Song': his first novel spawned the subgenre of cats and fantasy that we see widely today. 'Tailchaser's Song' is currently in preproduction as an animated film from Animetropolis/IDA.

**as a reviewer I received a free advanced copy of his book The Dirty Streets of Heaven, however I have received no payment or compensation to do this review.


  1. Sounds interesting. I've never read this author. Maybe I'll check it out. Thanks for the review! :D

    1. Hi Liesel! I have been following his career for a long time and I am so honored to be one of his reviewers.