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Saturday, October 1, 2011

HEARTs children: Nathan

This is Nathan:

Nathan once served as Second Councilor with Ambassador Tatianna and First Councilor Trish. The three of them were deeply bonded as friend to the point that they felt each others pain and could hear each others thoughts. Tatiana and Trish were his like his sisters, there were his family.

Nathan deeply loved the people in his community, and was very happy and satisfied as a servant of the HEART.


A tragic accident takes one of them away from him and then the other dies of natural causes and he finds himself utterly alone, he becomes bitter and takes his bitterness out on an innocent man.

Can this man find peace and can he find forgiveness from the man who's life he ruined?

How I created Nathan:

When I was writing Ambassador Tatiana's blog I realized that she needed councilors. I wasn't sure about names and went into my fan group on face book and named the two councilors after my two most loyal fans Nathan West, and Trish Waldron. I actually was not planning for either of them becoming active characters but this great sub plot came to me that i could carry from book 2 to book 3, and suddenly Nathan is now active.

I don't see Nathan as a bad guy at all. What I see is a very sensitive person who was so bonded to Tatiana and Trish that when they both died that he felt like a part of himself died with them. He felt lost and needed to blame these feeling on someone. The target for his bitterness was easy and it became a habit for him turn to bitterness to cover up his pain.

Nathan didn't stop serving in spite of his bitterness. He went on to help teach the new generations of the HEARTs servants.

Nathan does not show up until the second book and will also be in the third book as well.

Nathans play list:

Voce Existe Em Mim by Josh Groban, I have no idea what the lyrics in this song mean but it is the intense feeling of the percussion that has inspired the personality of the character!

Miles away/ The truth is by Depeche Mode, Now i do know what the lyrics say on this one and to me it sounds like someone who is bitter. It again is more for the music however. Very intense percussion sound.

Ordinary world by Druan Druan, This is because he misses his two friends.

Please enjoy Nathans video:

A big thank you to Nathan West and Julian McMahon for the kick start on this character, and to my muses Josh Groban, Depeche Mode, and Druan Druan Thank you for the inspiring music!

Tomorrows blog: Trish

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