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Monday, October 3, 2011

HEARTs children: Tilla

This is Tilla:

She is another mind wipe with no memory of  her past. She is very young only around twenty, she has found that she has a gift for science now that she has regained her cognitive functions and some of her personality. She works happily as the crew manager for finding the new power well for the HEART.

or does she?

She wants to fill the gaps in her life with a man who may not love her for who she is only for who she looks like. But will her chasing after this man destroy lives?

How I created Tilla:

I knew that I needed a spy, someone on the inside that was close enough to the top. A person who could gather information and report to Jon with no problems.

Now when I first come up with the idea of spy's I first though of the spy being a man. But I felt like the spy need some motivation to spy on Symon and TynLexa other than they were told to. What better motivation than a love sick girl?

I think that Tilla's crime was pretty bad, and even though she does not remember it and no one will tell her. I think she still leans toward the dark side naturally.

I again was trying to see if I could use Maranda Cosgrove for Tilla's face but no luck, she was just too sweet and happy looking in all of her shots. I was happy on my third try that I found Anna Popplewell, She is a beautiful actress that has just the right look. I love this shot of her because she looks pretty but not quite all there.

Tilla's character is still under construction so I am not sure just how far she will go, but you will first see her in chapter 9 of the second book.

Tilla's play list:

Lie to me by Depeche Mode, This is Tilla's song for the man that she is chasing after.

In Sympathy by Depeche Mode, I think that this shows her struggle with right and wrong and how she was convinced to go to work for the bad guys.

Agent orange by Depeche mode, she is a spy it fits.

Please enjoy Tilla's video:

A big thank you goes to Miss Anna Popplewell for having the just right look to help me make Tilla just right. And to my favorite band who is my muse! Thank you Depeche Mode I love you!

For now I have blogged about all of the active characters of my HEART books, but look for more characters as I continue to work on these books. Thank you my loyal readers. Book one HEARTs children should be out sometime this month. I will be sending out a special blog to let the world know! Who will be the first to read it and write a review?

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