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Sunday, October 2, 2011

HEARTs children: Trish

This is Trish:

She was once the First Councilor to Ambassador Tatiana.
She has always loved to serve the HEART and the HEARTs children. She is loved and revered in her community for her cheerfully compassion. She is not the kind of woman to just sit around when there is a job to be done. She rolls up her sleeves and gets her hands dirty.

Although she had parents and an older brother who she loves, Tatiana and Nathan are her brother and sister. They are her family. They have a very deep bond that is strengthened with love and respect.


A tragic accident takes her life and causes Nathan to seak revenge on an innocent man.

How I creted Trish:

She was much like Nathan. I was writing Tatiana's blog and I needed a name for the First Councilor, so I named her after one of my biggest fans in my facebook fan group, Trish Waldren.

I think that she is one of those people that are tough but tender. She is not a wimp but she is also not hardened. She has no problem with digging in and helping with the hardest work there is. And this is what lead to her death. If she had not died, when Tatiana died she and Nathan would have gone on serving the HEART in a smaller capacity like in teaching, but this tragic accident did happen and then Tatiana dies leaving Nathan very alone and bitter.

I didn't have too much trouble finding a face for Trish. I first looked at Alissa Milano and at first felt like she would work. She is the right age and has the right look, she is a brunette but could also do a dark blonde. But I started to see her interact with Nathan who i assigned the face of Julian McMahon. There was a problem. Julian McMahon and Alissa Milano acted together in one of my favorite tv shows Charmed as Cole Turner and Phoebe Halliwell. Suddenly that was all i could see and it was distracting from the where i wanted these two characters to go. So i went looking for a new face.

It did not take me too long to find Cate Blanchett. PERFECTION! She is the right age has the right look and everything!

Because she had died before the first book even happened, she will not be talked about at all in book one but she will be talked about and might even be in flash back of books two and three. You are going to have to READ THE BOOKS!

Trish's play list:

The wandering kind by Josh Groban, There is a strength and sweetness of this music very well plays to her personality.

Piano sonata #14 (moon light sonata) by Beethoven, This is such a beautiful piece of music and I think that it show how beautiful the relationship is between Trish, Tatiana and Nathan.

Lyllaby by Josh Groban, This is what Trish is saying to Nathan after her death to sooth the pain he feels from losing her and Tatiana.

Please enjoy Trish's video:

A big thank you to my friend and fan Trish Waldren for giving this character her name and Cate Blanchett for inspiring an important character. Oh for my muses Josh Groban and Beethoven! I love you, with out you I would not be able to write a single word.

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