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Friday, September 30, 2011

HEARTs children: The HEART

This is the HEART:
She is the HEART of the planet. She is worshiped as a God. She has been taking care of her children for more than a thousand year. She has found for the betterment of all that her children need to be told what to do in all things, it is for the best that she does this. She cares deeply for them and wants them to be happy, one of the things she does that helps her children to be happy is that she shares her energy with all of her children.

The energy has both a negative and a positive side but is emitted in its pure form with both sides joined, people can take in the energy by placing one or both hands on the HEART stone altar and store the energy inside, then they can channel it down to their wrist where they learn to split it different way to help with their work.
The HEARTs energy also heals the sick and the injured, it also removes dreams and controlls the minds of the people.
The Ambassador has a large chip of the HEART stone implanted in his/her head so there is no need for them to take in the energy by the HEART stone. The HEART can also communicate telepathically with the Ambassador by way of the HEART stone in his/her head.

This is all for the good of the people....
Or is it?

How I created the HEART:

This is a hard one for me because when the idea for the story came to me, she was already there. But here are somethings about her. I did not create her as the villain. Everything she does she truly believe that she does it for the good of the people.
She loves the people and thinks of them as her children.
It is considered blasphemous to say that which pumps the blood through you body is a 'heart', to say so is also science which is forbidden.
She does have a secret and the only one who ever knows is the Ambassador and that is it!
The HEART is all over the books, so read and enjoy.
Now you as my reader need to make me a promise. When you read HEARTs children and you discover what the secret is that the HEART has been hiding please do not tell anyone! I want everyone who reads this to discover the secret with the characters in the book.
Thank you.

The HEARTs play list:

Puppets by Depeche Mode, This one shows how much she controls the people.

A thousand years by Sting, This one shows just how long and how hard she has worked to care for her children.

Perfect by Depeche Mode, this one shows that she wants the perfect little world.

Please enjoy the HEARTs video:

A very big thank you goes out to the lovely and talented Kim Curtis for the use of the picture of the HEART look for it on the book cover.
and to my muses Depeche Mode and Sting, thanks guys you rock.

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