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Saturday, September 17, 2011

HEARTs children: DraDonna

This is DraDonna:

She was born into the HEARTs perfect little world and everything seemed to be normal, and she was named Donna. The day she was born she was matched up with her perfect mate Devon. They would marry at the age of 18 and be given the pre name of DRA. The job she was matched up with is that of a fine carpenter and had the tiny grain of the HEART stone implanted in her right wrist, that she would be later taught to use in her job.
This baby girl had one problem. She was born with copper colored hair. No one in their world had been born with this color hair in over 500 years! She was taunted and bullied all her life. She never thought that she was good enough and always struggled with her self-esteem. Only of the promise of the love she might have with Devon kept her hanging on. 
Once they were married at the age of 18 the two of them love each other so much and are utterly devoted to each other.
She is a dedicated child of the HEART in spite of the fact that she is treated badly by the people in her community. She strives to fit in with everyone if not for her sake the for the sake of her beloved husband.
One night she worked too hard and used up all of her energy trying to please a person in the community that would never like her. She stumbles home exhausted and falls asleep.
She dreams! 
The HEART does not allow dreams!
A special friend who had passed away had a message for her.
DraDonna's life will never be the same. 
How I created DraDonna:
This one is the first character that I saw when inspiration hit me in the head with this story. I had a very clear picture in my mind of a young woman with bright coppery red hair. I knew immediately when I saw this picture of Bonnie Wright that this was the face of DraDonna. A side from the fact that she has the right kind of hair i just don't know why i picked her for DraDonna's face. I just felt like it was her.
I really love her character. She has this venerability and self doubt that she struggles with but at the same time she has strength of spirit. She just does what needs to be done no matter how hard it is. You will see that if the people will give her a chance and get over their prejudice that she makes a good and devoted friend.
Something else i thought of when i was developing her was what to do about her family. Are they ashamed of her or do they support her. I tried to write that she were ashamed of her and it just didn't work. It wasn't right. So i gave her a good and loving family. A mother, a father and an older sister who do love and defend her. You will get to meet them in future blogs.
Pay special attention to chapter 22 to see just how hard she is willing to work,
and see how her destiny as one of HEARTs children unfolds in chapter 26.
DraDonna's play list:

Good Enough by Evanescence, this is how she feels after she is married to DraDevon. He helps her to feel like she is good enough.
Bring me to life by Evanescence, This one is also about how DraDevons love for her makes her fell like she is alive.
Frozen by Madonna, this one is really about how the people in her community need to open their hearts (oops forbidden word again) to her.
Please enjoy DraDonna's video:

A big thank you goes out to Miss Bonnie Wright for the face of DraDonna and to my muses with this character, Amy Lee and Madonna.

Tomorrow's blog: DraDevon

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