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Sunday, September 25, 2011

HEARTs children: NulJena

This is NulJena:

She was married to NulSam when they were both 18. They both work together in general home maintenance and repair. Kind of the handy man/woman of this world.

Everyone wanted her to stop working when she conceived because of all the still born babies and miss carriages that had been happening in the last 10 years. She had been told by her local PNL to stop working and not push your luck. She kept working anyway up until about her 6th month. She would not be kept still.

She is a kind person but is very head strong and stubborn. When she has set her mind to do something she just does. No matter what anyone else around her say. Not even NulSam who she adores.

There is a legend in her family that tells of a girl child born in to this line that will save the HEART.


Is the baby girl that she carries the child that is spoken of or is it NulJena herself?

How I created NulJena:

She like her husband was late to the party but fashionably so! She is an essential character in the second book.
When she first came in to the story she was just the pregnant wife of NulSam. No character development. Then i got this great idea for an element in the second book and BAHM! I could see clearly this character of NulJena.
I think that she is the kind of person that doesn't like to be told what to do or be bossed around. I think that she is a kind person and also brave. She is like DraDonna in some ways. She sees that something needs to be done so she doesn't let anything slow her down. She gets the job done, and by gum if she told you to do something you got it done!

At first when I though of NulJena I thought of Miranda Cosgrove, although she is lovely but she looks too much like Josh Peck to be his wife. After all she did play his sister in that Nick tv show 'Drake and Josh'. So I then looked in to Jenett Mccurdy. That was NulJena! That face is perfect! She has the right kind of smile that says I am a good person but you cant boss me around.
Like her husband the first time that you see her is in chapter 30 but she is asleep. There is a really great piece with her in the epilogue. But also look for her in the second book to be a bigger character.

NulJena's play list:

Fragile tension by Depeche Mode, It is more the feeling of the song than the words for this one. An energy that I fell NulJena has.

Weight of the world by Evanescence, I think inside that is how she feels when it comes to her family legend. It is a great weight on her. Something to live up to.

Little Soul by Depeche Mode, This one is also her song because she may have come into the story late but is very important.

Please enjoy NulJena's video:

A big thanks goes out to Jenett Mccurdy for having just the right look.
As always for my muses Depeche Mode and Evanescence, many thanks!

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