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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HEARTs children: Idmund

This is Idmund:

He is a man with no past.
He was mind wiped and has now been freed, He has regained full cognitive function but only knows his name because the was told that it is Idmund. But he has no memory of his past. He knows that he committed some big crime to receive the punishment of mind wipe but does not remember what it was he did. No will tell him. When all is forgiven the HEART and the rest of the people never speak of it again.


He does have a past and a family

will they want him back....

will he choose to be a good man?


was he ever a bad guy in the first place?

How I created Idmund:

I am really excited about him. He is one of my newest characters and i can tell you right now he is going on my favorites list right next to Symon and Fredrik!

In the second book, i felt there needed to be another hero, someone that no one would expect to be one. I felt like this guy needed to have a big internal struggle with who he is. Is he going to be a good guy or not. I also felt that it would be good if he was somewhat close to Jon, kind of close to the edge of being bad, but does what is right in the end because he chooses to.

Idmund is another one that i had a hard time finding a face for. I looked at a lot of actors and no one seemed right. I looked at Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, as well as Julian McMahon. All of these guys are really great actors as well as good looking but not one of them looked right for Idmund. When i look at a 'face' i have to feel a connection. I have to be able to see that person as my character as if they were playing the part. It was hard finding the right face for him.
I decided to dive back into the cast of Twilight (don't roll your eyes at me!) and see who i could find. Most of the male cast was too young and Billy Burk just didn't look right, so i thought that i would look into Peter Facinelli hoping for something very different than the vamp look. And i found it! This one is Idmund! I was so inspired by this picture of him that he went from a minor unassuming hero character in the second book to a chief character that will also be in the third book.
He being a late bloomer is not in the first book at all but keep an eye out for him in the second and third books!

Idmund's play list:

Remember when it rained by Josh Groban, He doesn't have any memory of who he is but he wants to.

Wrong by Depeche Mode, Reason with held for now (hehehehe)

Weight of the world by Evanescence, He is afraid that who he was, was bad and he doesn't want to be held down by that.

Enjoy Idmund's video:

A big thank you for Peter Facinelli who's picture has inspired a new favorite character. And as always my muses, Josh Groban, Depeche Mode, Evanescence: you guys inspire worlds with your music!

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