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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HEARTs children: Jayelle

This is Jayelle:

She grew up knowing that she was going to be married to Jon. She had always hide the fact that he treated her badly. He kept her from ever making friends so she never had the chance to make a bonded friend, so she has never known that joy. She always wanted to, but Jon has always been so possessive and controlling that she could not do or say anything to anyone with out him getting mad at her.

Her family knew about the way Jon was but felt helpless to do anything. This union was put together by the HEART so they were afraid to say anything about it. They didn't like the fact that she was being abused but they just didn't know what to do.

Jayelle is a little like JorMelony in that she is gentle and kind, but lacks the scrappiness that JorMelony has. Jayelle has just been beat down too much.

She has always longed to free of Jon, and her freedom comes when Jon is mind wiped for nearly beating her to death for the second time (that the servants know of)

She is finally free to love another because Jon is gone...or is he?

How I created Jayelle:

Jayelle wasnt even going to be a character at all. It was just going to be Jon getting mind wiped at the beginning of book 1, but when i decided to make Jon the true villain of book 2 i knew he needed this personal interaction. Thus Jayelle was born. As this personal interaction grew so did this great idea for a subplot surrounding the two of them

Jayelles face was another had one for me *sigh* I again looked at Miranda Cosgrove. I love her she is a great little actress and very beautiful, but once again I just didn't feel like she had the right look for this character.

I am not sure how i found Emily Brownings picture but I was familiar with her as an actress so this helped me to see how the character moved and the sound of her voice. Most of the pictures of her were not right but as soon as I saw this one i was very happy. This is just the right look for Jayelle.

Jayelle like her (EX) husband are only briefly in the first chapter of book one but she is a chief character in book two.

Jayelle's play list:

In your room by Depeche Mode, this is song sounds to me like an abusive relationship, like the one Jayelle had with Jon.

Machine by Josh Groban, this one sounds like what she would say to him. He was such a machine with no feelings.

Weight of the world by Evanescence, This is more of when she is free of him.

Please enjoy Jayelles video:

A big than you goes to Emily Browning for looking like Jayelle, and for my three favorite muses who's music inspires my writing. Much love and respect!

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