Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tuesdays Tale: Full Dark

 *pic not my book cover*
             Natalie stood on the balcony of her privet chamber looking out at the night sky. It was lovely and yet so surreal. The stars were brighter and the patterns in the sky were nothing like she had seen on Earth. She would catch herself looking for Orin’s belt or the big dipper.
            “Natalinthi’a come away from the balcony.” Jayt’a called to her. “It is almost full dark. It is bad for your magic to be out in the full dark before the moons rise.”
            “You know where I grew up they called it midnight and there was only one moon.” She told him without turning to look at him.
            With a quick smooth motion Jayt’a moved quickly across her chambers leaving the honor guards at the mirrored portal that was the entrance to her room.
            Wrapping his strong dark arms around her shoulders he whispered in her ear, “Come back in with me my lovely bird.”
            “Can they hear us?” Natalie asked Jayt’a
            “No they are trained to see not to hear. You and I can speak freely.” Jayt’a answered her.
            “Good, then I need you to do me a favor.” Natalie asked him.
            “Anything for you.” He replied quickly.
            “When we are alone or when no one can hear us would you please call me Natalie?” She asked him.
            “Nat-ah-lee” Jayt’a said trying to say the name that was odd to him. “Why would I call you this?”
            “On earth people who were close would call each other by special names that showed affection.” She explained.
            “What would you call me?” he asked her.
            Her betrothed may not have the magic in his voice but the very sound of the low and smooth tones when he spoke to her made her heart skip a beat.
            “Jay.” She breathed out. “I would like to call you Jay.” Natalie told him as she turned to face the man that was to be her husband.
            “How does your magic work?” She asked him.
            “It is in my hands where yours is in your voice.” He answered simply. “I can enchant things with hands.”
            “Show me.” She told him her eyes wide with fascination.
            “My enchantments only hold if I attach it to glass, but I can show you something, but it will not last.” He told her.
            “Show me.” She said again.
            He reached up his hand and gently stroked her face. “Only for you Nat-ah-lee, if you promise that you will sing something that is only for me.” He whispered.
“I promise.” Natalie said breathless with anticipation.
 He then put his hands on his chest and closed his eyes. He was reaching for the magic that rests in his heart. Natalie knew that look on his face. She is sure that this is how she looked when she reached for the magic that she pulls into her voice when she sings.
            He opened his beautiful dark chocolate eyes and gave her that mischievous smile that she has grown to love. He moved his hands up to his head and ran his fingers through his short dark curly hair. As he did this his hair began to glow, enchanted by his magic touch.
Natalie had already thought that he was a beautiful man but this enhanced his beauty. It was as if he wore a crown of magic.
            “You’re so beautiful.” She gasped with delight.
            “Shhhh, wait” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. He reached forward and tenderly ran his fingers through her silken brown tresses, and her own hair began to glow with magic.
            “Now who is beautiful?” He asked as he leaned forward and gently caressed her lips with his own.
            Natalie leaned forward wrapping her arms around Jay and kissed him back with enthusiasm.
She had feared being betrothal to a man she didn’t know, but she no longer feared marrying him. She finally knew that he loved her and that she was falling in love with him, as the first moon began to rise behind them.
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