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Thursday, September 22, 2011

HEARTs children:JorRobert

This is JorRobert:

He was raised in the ambassadors community. His parents as well as his older married sister all live with in the ambassadors community. His parents and his sister are all typical people in this community, they blend in. They like to blend in. They know of their sons violent tendencies because of the way that he always treated his older sister. They tried pretty successfully to hide this from the rest of the community but at the same time they would turn a blind eye. They had him take extra energy, more than normal. A normal person would take in energy 3-5 times a day. JorRoberts parents had him taking it 10-12 times a day in order to suppress his natural violence and mental imbalance.

Although JorRobert seems to be kind of an odd match with JorMelony, they are pretty good together. They do bicker quiet a bit, but JorMelony has a good influence over him. A very important thing is that he never hit his wife!

He was assigned at birth to be a musician. He is the lead percussionist for the communities band. The lead percussionist conducts the band with his strong beats that he plays on the percussion stones, by channeling strong burst of both sides of the energy (+ and-) in just the right sequence. The band plays for the gatherings in the courtyard at the center of the three communities. The music as well has a gentling influence on his mental state...


When Jude recruits him, will her manipulations tip him over the edge of mad violence...


Will he be able to hold onto all that is good inside of him.

How I created JorRobert:

JorRobert was one of those characters that I knew from the beginning that he was going to be a villain. I was going to have JorMelony work with him, but he stands alone for most of his villainy with the exception of Jude. I felt that he needed to have somewhat of a struggle in the beginning. Good vs. Bad.

The only problem I did have with him was finding a face. The face that i used had to be a fairly young one. He had to be a big beefy kind of a guy. This wasn't easy. I didn't want the sex symbol pics, i needed the  pic of a guy who looks like he can turn dark and dangerous at any moment. One big problem i had was that most of the faces that knew that would fit the beefy bill were too old. Again this is where my brilliant daughter came in. She told me to look at Taylor Lautner, I actually was really apposed to this. All i could think of was him as Jacob. I did not want a Jacob picture. But i looked anyway, and found this one picture of him that was just right. He looks to me to struggle with keeping control of that darkness, he wants the light but doesn't know if he can hold the darkness back.
Chapter 19 is a good one to see whether or not he really loves his wife. And Chapter 32 is a good one to see his true nature.

JorRoberts play list:

The mercy in you by Depech Mode, this is JorRoberts song for his wife.

Lithium by Evanescence, This is his struggle with mental illness.

Weeping by Josh Groban, This is more for his parent trying to keep the dark side of him hidden.

Please enjoy JorRoberts video:

Thank you goes out to Mr. Taylor Lautner for having just the right beefy look, and for my three beloved muses (well 6 if you count all of the DM boys) Depeche Mode, Josh Groban, and Evanescence.

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