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Thursday, September 29, 2011

HEARTs children: Sharyn

This is Sharyn:

She is a daughter of the HEART just like all the other women and girls. 13 years ago she was married to her perfect mate Idmund. They were given the Pre name of Vik. They were very happy together they had two beautiful children together. Her life was sweet!


Just one year ago a her husband is blamed for a tragic accident and her beloved husband is ripped away from her by a mind wipe. She always maintained that he was innocent. She went against tradition and refused to give up her pre name, she even insisted that her children use the pre name as well so they would never forget him.
She sorrows for the loss of Idmund, because when someone is mind wiped they are never seen again.


When the mind wiped begin to regain some of who they are and are set free will he remember their life together and come back to the family that loves him?

How I created Sharyn:

She is my newest character. When I decided to make Idmund something more, I knew that he would need a family. I had to think of what kind of woman she would be. I already had a woman who's husband had been mind wiped and never wanted to see him again, so i needed something different. She holds to the belief that he was innocent and holds hope that she might see him again.

I see her as being strong and determined. I think that at one time she cared about what the community thought but after Idmund was taken from her she doesn't care what they think anymore. She is going to do what she thinks as right.

Sharyn was the hardest face to find out of all my characters! It took me looking through 15 different actresses before i found the right one. They were too old or too young or all their shots were from a different show or they were being too sexy, or they looked too modern. What ever the reason none of them looked right, but i finally found her on the 15th try.

I face I finally found was Gigi Edgley. She just has this look on her face that says to me that she will stand by her man! She is perfect! I remember her most from the Scifi show FarScape. She was so good in that.
She like Idmund are only in book two and three so you will have to wait and see what great chapters she is in.

Sharyn's play list:

My Immortal by Evanescence, Even though Sharyn has hope and knows that he didn't do it, i think that she feels haunted by him.

When you say you love me By Josh Groban, I think this one is about how she hopes that he would come back to her and tell her that he loves her.

Come Back by Depeche Mode, I think this ones her determination to have him come back to her.

Please enjoy Sharyn's video:

 My thanks goes out to Miss Gigi Edgley for being luck # 15. Your lovely picture will give strength will to Sharyn. And as always my muses, Evanescene, Josh Groban, and Depech Mode. Thank you.

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