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Monday, September 26, 2011

HEARTs children: Jon

This is Jon:

Like all the other HEARTs children he was born to the HEARTs perfect little world. Only he was not so perfect. He has a natural tendency toward violence. His family completely turned a blind eye. They didn't even try to control him. For the most part he grew up a bully but he bullied quietly, so no one noticed it. He like everyone else was matched up with his perfect mate. Jayelle, but he was mean and possessive of her from a very early age.

When they were married they both received the pre name of HAR and went to work as teachers in the second councilors community. Jon taught older kids who were going to work in construction about how to channel for arc welding and sanding, as well as other ways to use the energy in such work.

(Har) Jon doesn't like using the energy too much because he feels like he is being controlled, and he doesn't like to be controlled.

One day he has a really bad day working and comes home and takes it out on Jayelle. He beat her so badly that she spent 3 days at a PHY office recovering. Second Councilor Fredrik finds out about this and is uncharacteristically angry. (Har) Jon is punished by having his energy rights fully taken from him.

As a result of this he beats Jayelle a second time. The second time he does it he has his pre name (Har) stripped from him and gets mind wiped. This broke the bond of marriage between him and Jayelle.


Will he someday regain his memory and come looking for Jayelle?

How I created Jon:

Jon wasnt even a minor character when I first wrote him in to HEARTs children. He was just some guy getting mind wiped in chapter one. No personality no back ground. But as I was plotting book 2
I knew I needed a true villain. I thought I could use him, and this great sub plot formed. I did a little bit of tweeking to the beginning of book 1 before I sent it off to the publisher.

I really don't like this guy! I am not a violent person but I could not wait to kill him off! He is just a bad seed. No redemption no I am sorry and I will be better next time.
He almost has no conscience, every bad thing he does he feels he is justified in doing.

When I was working on developing the really bad guy I had a really hard time looking for a face. Every actor I looked at looked too nice or too sexy and that was just not the look I need to inspire this villain. I needed him to be good looking but not sexy. I do not want any of my readers falling in love or sympathizing with him. I want people to think...HE'S GOT TO GO! It was my son this time who suggested that i look at Jake Able from the Lightning thief. I had to scan down the page (thanks again BING) and I found just the right look. He looks handsome but dark and scary in this picture. This is when Jon's character really took off.
In book one you will only see him in chapter one but in book 2 he is one of the chief villains.

(Har) Jon's play list:

The dead of night by Depeche Mode, this one to me sounds like a song of really bad guys. So it fits Jon perfectly.

Snow white queen by Evanescence, This one sounds like an abusive relation ship with the guy totally being obsessed with the woman. So this is how Jon is with Jayelle.

Damaged People by Depeche Mode, Well you would have to be damaged in a big way to be such a bad guy.

Please enjoy Jon's video:

A big thank you goes to Jake Able for just the right evil look even though I am sure in real life that you are not a villain. And for my muses, Depeche Mode and Evanescence thank you for inspiring me to write!

Tomorrows blog: Jayelle

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