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Friday, September 23, 2011

HEARTs children: Tatiana

This is Tatiana:

This lovely woman was born into the perfect world of the HEART. Tatiana was raised by two loving parents and has one older brother. She was picked at birth to be the Ambassador to the HEART. This is a position that can be held by either a man or a woman, this is also the case with the councilors. One of reasons that the servants of the HEART are selected is for their ability to love and how powerful the HEART believes the servant will be when it comes to channeling her energy. The second reason the servants are chosen are to keep the male to female ratio at a perfect balance, thus the HEART keeping the selective breeding running smoothly.

She became the ambassador at the tender age of 20 when the current ambassador Lyda died. In a secret process a large powerful piece of the HEART stone was removed from Lyda's head and then placed in Tatiana's head. This enables her to directly communicate with the HEART. As well as directly channel the HEARTs energy.

*the ambassador is the only one on the world who knows the HEARTs secret and is bound in a powerful oath to keep it*

Tatiana has a great capacity to love all of the HEARTs children equally. She and her two councilors, Trish and Nathan are deeply bonded in friendship. The three of them happily serve the HEART for many years.

The day after she becomes ambassador a very special baby girl is born and this baby has curly copper hair. No one had seen hair like that in more than 500 years. Tatiana knows that is little one is special and makes up her mind to defend her to her dying day. Which she does and more. Tatiana befriends her little Donna and does her best to protect her from the taunts of a community that thrives on normalcy and perfection.


Will how long will Tatiana be able to guide and protect her little Donna?

How I created Tatiana:

When the idea of Tatiana came to me I knew everything about this lovely woman. What she looked like and what she sounded like. How she loved people, what her hopes and dreams were. I feel that she is also a very strong person. She can love and protect (Dra) Little Donna, from taunting and bulling and at the same time she can still love those people. I think it takes a strong person to be able to do that. Soft hearts (oops forbidden word!) are strong!

When I assigned Tatiana a face I knew with out even looking who would inspire me. Claudia Black! I had seen her in several SciFi shows and am very familiar with how she moved and spoke so this gave me a very good 3-d picture of Tatiana.

I really love this shot of her, the black and white enhances her ethereal beauty.

The prologue is all about her so look closely. and chapter 36 Tatiana tells DraDonna just how much she loves her.

Tatiana's play list:

February song by Josh Groban, this shows the loving friendship between her and DraDonna

Freelove by Depeche Mode, this is how Tatiana loves the people in her world...freely.

Book of days by Enya, I almost feel like this story is like Tatiana's Book of days.

Please enjoy Tatiana's video:

My love, thanks and respect goes out to the lovely Ms Claudia Black who inspired such an important character. And for my beloved muses Josh Groban, Depeche Mode, and Enya. I could not do this with out you.

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  1. I adore that you used Claudia Black for this, she's one of my favorite scifi actresses

  2. Wowza! I am blown away! Nathan and I are actual characters? :D Tatiana is very beautiful! Very cool character!