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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HEARTs children: TynLexa

This is TynLexa:

Like everyone on this world she was raised with TynTimothy who the HEART had chosen to be her husband when she was just a baby. She and her husband were raised with Symon, Jude and Fredrik. The five of them are bonded in friendship. She is very loyal to her bonded friends so when Jude came to her and asked for help she and her husband didn't even hesitate. They trust in her completely and do everything that she asks
Jude's obsession gets out of hand.
 TynLexa is heart (oops forbidden word) broken when she finds out the depth of Jude's betrayal and lies.
Can she ever trust anyone enough to ever have friends again or will she spend the rest of her days alone and bitter?

How I created TynLexa:

She is another one of those characters that started out as a minor one. Then she progressed to a villain. I didn't really like her as a true villain. I though, what if she is really a good person but only being used by Jude, controlled by her somehow. This is where I grew to really like TynLexa. She (almost like Symon) starts out seeming like the bad guy, but it turns out that she is not.

The picture that I found for her was Nikki Reed. (don't roll your eyes!) Now this is a photo shoot for twilight but the thing is, the feeling that she is putting out is nothing like I saw in Twilight. Her character there was kind of a like a little princess vampire. In this picture she looks tough. She has the look on her face like she is either going to kick your behind or kick someones behind for you. This too me is very much like TynLexa and not like Rosalie Hale.

One really good chapter for her is 11. This is where you first see her. And chapter 30 shows how deeply hurt she is by what Jude has done. chapter 31 you find if she is able to forgive.

TynLexa's play list:

Every body's fool by Evanescence: I think that Amy Lee is talking about being a depressed star when she sings this song but I hear how TynLexa was betrayed by her best friend.

Suffer well by Depeche Mode: This is about all she has to go through in this story.

Febrary song by Josh Groban: This one is for what she goes through at the end of the book.

Please enjoy TynLexa's video:

A big thank you goes to Nikki Reed for looking more like TynLexa than Rosalie Hale and to three muses, Evanescence, Depeche Mode, and Josh Groban.

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  1. She sounds like an interesting character too! You are such a good writer Linna! Can't wait to read it. :D