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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HEARTs children:TynTimothy

This is TynTomus:

He grew up with an older sister so even though he looks rugged he is really used to strong woman. He is very dedicated to his wife and to their 3 other bonded friends. He is very intelligent and strong...
Will his strength and intelligence be enough to figure out that Jude has become twisted before someone gets hurt?

How I created TynTomus:

He is in fact a minor character but a lot of important things happen around him and he is married to a chief character which is why he gets a blog.
I did do some character development on him. He like TynLexa started as a villain, but i changed him like his wife to a good person who was being used. But i knew that the way the story was going that he was not going any further into the story. I can't say anything more than this or i will give away key points in the book that i want you to discover on your own as you read my book. But i want you to come back to me after you have read it and say, "Oh i understand now!"
I chose Chris Hemsworth for TynTomus's face because he is a big rugged looking guy. And just says to me that he can handle a strong woman like TynLexa.

TynTomus's play list:

I did give him two songs but i am only going to tell you about one the other would give something away.

In sympathy by Depeche Mode. He his song about what Jude has done to them.

Please enjoy TynTomus's video:

A big thank you goes to Mr Hemsworth for your rugged good looks. and to my muse Depeche Mode name of other muse with held.

Tomorrows blog: JorMelony

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  1. Wow! He looks good and sounds like a very good character. ;)