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Thursday, September 22, 2011

HEARTs children: JorMelony

This is JorMelony:

She is DraDonna's older sister. The daughter of NayLara and NayMichael. She is a gentle and kind soul, but don't make her mad. She can get scrappy! You should avoid saying anything negative about her baby sister. She will defend DraDonna to her dying breath.

She is a small person. Although she is the older sister DraDonna eventually grew taller.
For the most part she was not picked on as badly as DraDonna, but there were some people who were mean to her only because she was DraDonna's sister. Her hair has the same curl to it that DraDonna's does but is more of a blonde with maybe just the slightest hint of strawberry to it. Some of the more mean people would say that she had the HEARTs curse in her hair just like her sister. For the most part when she would hear this she would only hear the insult to her sister and not to herself.

JorMelony is trained to be a musician. She channels the energy to her right hand and she uses it to enhance the music that she produces when she plays her little 'tallice'. It is a small instrument with hallow box shaped body that has a hole front and back. The tallice has a short neck at the top with metal strings  that start at the top of the neck going down the body across the hole in the middle, down the bottom and back up the other side then joined at the top. She plays this by strumming or plucking the strings on either side depending on the piece of music that she is playing.

She was also matched at birth with the one that the HEART determined to be her best match. Their DNA would produce strong children, but sadly she suffers a still birth, and know one can understand why. After this her health has made her not as sturdy as she once was. The second reason JorMelony and JorRobert were chosen for each other was because they were both determined to be musicians which would make for a peaceful marriage...

or would it....

With all the upset that her sisters quest causes the community would it destroy JorMelony's marriage?

How I created JorMelony:

I knew right off that JorMelony was going to be a chief character, but what I struggled with was JorMelony going to be a villain or a good guy? I also struggled with the name a little. She started off as JorMelody before I knew she was going to be a musician. Once i decided that she was a musician I thought it was too cheesy to have a musician named 'Melody'. So i picked the name of one of my kids teachers that i had become good friends with 'Melony'.

The villain part was really hard. I really had it all worked out that she was going to work with one of the villains because she and her parents were ashamed of DraDonna, but like i said i felt like DraDonna needed more than DraDevon in her corner. So i started to soften her character and made her sweet but scrappy. This is when i started looking for her face. I found this really great picture of Emma Watson, it is most defanatly NOT a picture of her as Hermione. She has the curly blondish hair that i was looking for and the look on her face is just so sweet. This picture really helped to bring JorMelony to life in my head as i wrote her. I could hear her voice as she talked to her sister, i could see her hug her husband. It is fantastic what the right picture can do for my imagination. As always this is just what i see. I encourage all my readers to  let the magic my story telling create their own image of her as they read this and later the full book.
Check out chapter 3, this shows how quick she is to defend her sister. And chapter 19 shows a little bit of her scrapiness when someone she loves is threatened.

JorMelony's play list:

Precious by Depeche Mode: This is how i see her a precious soul who people hurt with out even thinking about it.

Pilgrim by Enya: this to me also speaks of a peaceful person who gets tossed into a journey that they may not have chosen.

Peace by Depeche Mode: I think that this is what JorMelony wants more than anything.

Please enjoy JorMelony's video:

*There is a second reason that i picked this video that you will understand once you read the book!

A big thank you goes out to Emma Watson for having just the right look on her face so I could make a truly sweet character. As always my love and thanks for my muses Depeche Mode and Enya.

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  1. Yet another cool character that I can't wait to read more about! Wonderful! :)