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Saturday, September 24, 2011

HEARTs children:NulSam

This is NulSam:

He is the oldest son of BriMarie and BriHenry.
His parents work to serve their community by working as glaziers, making the windows and other glass products.
He grew up a fairly happy boy. His parents were treated a little bit on the poor side because of the name that they were given at marriage. The people did not like the sound but no one would dare question the HEART. If any of this unkindness filtered down to him he didn't really know, or care. He is a happy person. He is much like his younger brother a little bit of a funny guy. He likes a good laugh, but knows when it is time to get serious. He and DraDevon appear to fight but really it is just playful banter.

The happiest day of his life was when he was married to his beautiful wife NulJena. The two of them work hard together in general home maintenance and repair. The both of them know how to use  the two handed weld, as well as energy sanding ect...

They work hard to serve their community...


When they find out that they are with child will it end badly just like all the others?


Will his brother DraDevon and DraDonna succeed on their quest in time to save NulSam and NulJena's baby?

How I created NulSam:

NulSam joined the HEARTs children kind of late in the game. I saw that I had DraDonna's family pretty active in the story. I felt that i needed to have DraDevons family there too. Although BriMarie and BriHenry are not active characters but i felt that they need to be spoken of. Then i felt like i need a family member who would be an active character. This is where NulSam was born. In the first book you don't see him until the end but he and NulJena are chief characters in the second book.

I think that NulSam is alot like DraDevon in that he kids around alot, but under all that he is a deeply emotional person that is very sensitive to others feelings. I know that it is unrealistic (but this is scifi what do you expect) to have a character that is all good, but i really feel that NulSam is. He is a loving and loyal person. I really love his character! NulSam you rock dude!

When i needed a face for him i had a hard time again. I knew what i wanted him to look like. He had to look a little but like DraDevons face because after all they are brothers. My daughter suggested i look at pictures of Josh Peck because he once played Drake Bells (DraDevon) brother in a show called Drake and Josh. I at first didn't think that Josh Peck would do. I couldn't get the image of the little kid out of my head and NulSam is supposed to be the older brother here. My daughter said "but mom Josh Peck grew up" And grew up he did! The picture of Josh Peck i picked is amazing! Not only did he grow up but he grew up REALLY good looking. And the look and feel of the picture is perfect for how i have written NulSam. He looks like a mature adult. I think this picture shows the deep side of NulSam, but he also looks like he could brake out laughing any time.

The chapter that you fist see NulSam in is chapter 30. Just because his entrance is late don't think that he is not important to the story!

NulSam's play list:

Canto alla vita by Josh Groban, this is for how deeply he feels everything

Piano sonata #14 (moonlight sonata) Beethoven, this is a very deeply emotional piece of music, i think that this one shows how deeply feeling he is.

Little soul by Depeche Mode, this one is the importance of NulSam to the story

Please enjoy NulSam's video:

My thanks goes out to Mr Josh Peck for growing up really cute!
And for my muses Depeche Mode, Beethoven, and Josh Groban, thank you for sharing your talents with me.

Tomorrows blog: NulJena

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