Linna Drehmel(Louisa Albrect)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The choice for my blog came to me today loud and clear when i saw a story on MSN about some regular guy in a neighborhood in Albuquerque. I will come back to him in a minute.

Now when i ask one of my little kids who a hero is this is something I would get; Superman, Spiderman, Batman. I must admit that I like some of these fictional super heroes. Oh how I love Indiana Jones! A good looking archaeologist who kicks butt, makes the right choice, gets the girl and saves the day! CLASSIC!   Where a lot of these guys are written with a lot of good qualities they are not real.

Now speaking of Super heroes there was only one that was real. Jesus Christ. I believe that he is a hero. He loves us died for us to save us...hello HERO! I say that he is a super hero because of his status as the son of God.

There is also another brand of heroes that I love and honer. Nurses and school teachers. Some might think that what they do is not worthy of hero status, but I do. I have had eight children and know that nurses are underpaid -unsung heroes!
School teachers! WOW talk about an underpaid hero. They may not save lives every day or ever even, but let me ask you this who was that heroes kindergarden teacher?

Now these next class of heroes are obvious but I marvel at what they do. Fire fighters! They amaze me! I know that it is their job to save lives, but why they would choose such a job that puts their lives on the line to save others? This the very heart of nobility!

Most all who know me know how much I love my brothers and sister that have and do serve in the military! I grew up in the military. My father served for 22 years in the Air Force and my Mom served as a Marine MP(how cool is that!) I also have a brother who served in the navy for 10 years (he is cool but don't tell him i said so). Heroes all! They put their lives on the line for freedom. Yeah they get paid for their service but the thing is they don't get paid very much. Their families live in poverty so we can have the right to choose. Ok I will stop now because I don't want to get into a political rant. But you know that I love the military!

OK now I told you about a hero that I heard of on the news. This guy is an average every day guy walking down the street in his neighborhood in Albuquerque. He saw some creep snatch his neighbors little girl and shove her into his van and took off. This guy Antonio Diaz Chacon dropped what he was doing jumped in his truck and chased the slime-ball-creepoid until the this villain ran into a poll. The bad guy took off but was picked up by the cops. Antonio Diaz Chacon  brought the little girl home to her family. It was not his job, he wasn't being paid. He just did what was right with out thinking about himself. NOW THAT IS A HERO!


  1. i said this in the wrong box but i'll say it again here. I think Mothers should be added to the list of heroes. Bringing a precious spirit into this world to work out their own salvation is truly a heroic act in my eyes... Love Moms!!!!!

  2. Great post about heroes. Super Heroes are fictional figures created out of the imagination. The real heroes are those who love and sacrifice without thought of reward.

  3. AWESOME!! Very well said! I always think of military and first responders, but admittedly I rarely think of teachers! You couldn't PAY me enough to teach these days. Teachers now only don't get paid much, they take their lives into their own hands every time they enter a school. Remember the school resource officers that were in out schools? Exactly! There weren't any!