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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Author spotlight: Zoe Adams

Dear readers I give you the lovely:
Zoe Adams

Zoe Adams hails from a seaside town on the east coast of England. Books and writing are her passions, and this has led to her gaining a degree in Professional Writing. Zoe takes inspiration from different cultures and their rich mythology. This is evident in the Shōjō series, beginning with Best Served Chilled. When not reading or writing, Zoe indulges in a healthy obsession with anime, spending time with her family, and listening to a wide variety of influential music. Amongst other things anyway.

With her alternative mind, who knows what she will write next?

Her current release is a story called 'Best Served Chilled'

“What would you give to make it stop?”
Life hasn’t been easy for Hiraku Michiyo. Struggling with the misery that dwells in her past and her present, she’s spending more time with a wine glass than real friends. One night, she meets the charismatic, Shoichi.
Intrigued and a little frightened, she invites him home.
Yet little does she realise that the real horrors are just beginning. And escape is certainly not at the bottom of any bottle.

Above her, the shōjō began to glow a brilliant red. His skin bubbled, as he pulled her energy into him. He drank in her nightmares, fears, hopes and dreams. Jealousies from childhood rose to the surface.

Stronger and stronger, the shōjō grew. This had to be the most satisfied he had felt in such a long time. True it was a shame her old man had to die, but at least he'd been happy for a short while.

And now to find his affections after all these years. Oh he couldn't have wished for anything as sweet as this. Father like daughter. And the corruption was ever so easy.

These little humans were his idea of fun. They were the perfect toys; fun for hours and so easy to break. With the right beverage, he just had to seek them out. Other demons might sneer at his profession but he didn't have a care in the world. Especially right this second.

Musical inspiration:
 D-Technolife by UVERworld.
A J-Rock track that makes me want to punch and kick the world until it is black and blue all over. This features in the anime Bleach during the second opening and always makes me think of fighting against what is wrong with the world. This track was at the forefront of my mind for a later chapter.

Rebel Love Song by Black Veil Brides.
It was my song of the month when I was writing the novella. Not everyone likes them and they’re a topic for hate. I know how that feels, and I love them. The song holds a lot of meaning for me.

Waking the Demon by Bullet For My Valentine.
The title is self-explanatory really. Inspirational for a certain naughty chapter. Read it when you get to it – you’ll enjoy it. I know I did writing it!

Help Is On The Way by Sixx: A.M.
A real rock track with a hell of a lot of meaning for myself and our heroine. Definitely how Hiraku feels at times. I’ve been inside her mind…

This is a feisty little J-Pop track that gets me in the mood to write anything! It was also featured as the title and main track for the first professional university script I wrote, which centred around teen pregnancy. Different from demons.

Can’t Stop Me Now by Rod Stewart.
This song is an anthem for me. Not only has it made me cry on multiple occasions, but I have realised the true extent of the lyrics. It means something to me and to my parents. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee, or even glass of wine).

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