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Monday, April 15, 2013

Joshua Howes-Stuart: Dragons Demise

This guy behind the camera is Joshua Howes-Stuart. A talented young man! It is my pleasure to introduce to you to him and what he is working on.

Dragons Demise is my first creation, and My baby! I started building it about a week ago using a popular RPG building piece of software. I've found it a hard process and a big learning curve but people are already telling me they love it! 

Dragons Demise is set in another land in a very different time, with dragons, daemons  Succubus and all manor of vile creatures you have to fight your way across the land, recruiting more into your party and helping those in need!

I'm currently trying to build up a sort of fan base before launch, which I'm planning for British summer time, when all the student have FAR to much time on their hands. We already have a twitter @DragonsDemise and A facebook page

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