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Monday, March 4, 2013

Eloise Crimson and the Turning Pocket Watch By James D Layton

A rather unique person has come to my attention in the past few months. One James D Layton. After many interesting conversations on FaceBook I came to find that he has written a wonderful book. It is a WWII epic with a strong SciFi twist. This is the book I present to you today....

Eloise sits at her dull little desk in her stuffy little office and watches her pencil tip snap for the final time. The war in Europe fills her mind with stories of adventure and heroism and yet for a 17 year old English girl, her pencil is probably the most dangerous thing she has ever held. It is 1945 and her only chance to escape the status quo of her existence is a small advert in a local shop window looking for war volunteers. She packs her bags. Waves her town goodbye and heads for the train station with a deep feeling that adventure awaits. Little does she know that less than 48 hours later she will be wrapped up in a world of time travel, romance and an epic journey of self discovery. She is thrown into the viper pit as time itself is split like a smashed water melon, and Eloise must embark on a death defying plot to stop Adolf Hitler in his tracks. Thrown back to 1935 with her fellow volunteers. The Nazi army baying for her blood is only half as heart stopping as the feeling inside... that she was born to do this.

James D. Layton has been writing screenplays for over a decade, but turned to novels in 2012. He lives in England. He likes running and chocolate, and sometimes running with chocolate. His favourite book is Jurassic Park, his favourite film is Jaws and listens to many types of music. Including Jimmy Eat World, System of a Down and The Doors.

It is truly a privilege for me to call this man my friend. Come find him on social media and you too can say, I knew him when...


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